Why is the contact status Not Subscribed when the customer already leave an email in the newsletter popup?

When a visitor leaves an email on the newsletter popup, the app’s contact status is updated to Subscribed.
However, if he checks out but does not choose to receive marketing emails on the checkout page, Shopify’s contact status is Not Subscribed.

The contact status from Shopify is synced back to the app.

This does not impact your email deliverability.

You can send the subscribe confirmation email by going to App Dashboard > Audiences > Contacts > Click on the contact > Hit on the Subscribe button.

In our Pro plan, the Sync contacts back to the Shopify function can prevent this case.

Why customer’s order count is still zero?


On customer records, we are seeing the total_spent and orders_count field equal to zero for all customers, even if they have orders. On the “Customers” page in our development store, we see the list of customers, but they all have 0 for both fields there too. If I click on a customer, the detail page for that customer correctly shows several orders that the customer has placed.

Is this something that is expected behavior in a development store or is there something else I’m missing here?


This is normal because test orders don’t go towards the order count or totals for a customer since no actual money was made.

More information: the total_spent field will only include data for non-test transactions. The orders on your test store have been processed with the bogus gateway which is why they’re not contributing to your Revenue and not included in your customers’ total_spent field. The same qualification applies for the orders_count field.