Is any customer information you collect encrypted at rest?

We are using Firebase – Google Cloud platform, they store and encrypted data at their end. Google Cloud support GDPR, CCPA, ISO, and SOC compliance, please refer to
Sensitive data such as your shop token or data are also encrypted in 2 layers.

When you access product/customer information, is it over a security connection?

Yes, 100% of data transits over the internet are over the secured connection. We use SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.

What are the advanced features available in the PRO plan?
  1. Email send and contact limit

  1. Real-time abandoned carts


  1. Workflow splits

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  1. Update contact attributes


Learn more: How to add Update Customer Data into Automation workflow?

  1. Sync contacts back to Shopify


Learn more: How to sync contacts from AVADA Email Marketing to Shopify?

  1. Branding removable
Are AVADA App compatible with Shopify’s API?

Currently, AVADA App does not support through Shopify’s API. Our app is managed via the App Dashboard.

Which extent you collect personal data of our website and our customers. Do you use any cookies on our website?

We do not collect any personal data from your customers.

We use cookies to collect your store information when you install the app, which is used to optimize app performance only. And your store information is only saved on the app browser. It will not be sent to any other place.

So please do not worry about your data security. We understand the law and always respect customers‘ personal data. ​

For more information, please refer to:
– AVADA Privacy and Policy:
– AVADA Terms and Conditions:

For more questions, shoot an email to [email protected] We are willing to assist. Thank you!

This is my first time setting up email marketing. What can I contact for help?

Avada is always willing to help. Please contact [email protected] for any questions and problems regarding the app.

Will I be charged when the Free trial ends?

We only charge you after you confirm to upgrade your plan. If not, you will be back to use the Free plan of AVADA Email Marketing.

What if I exceed the contact limit and send limit a month?

When you nearly exceed your contact and send limit, you will be notified on the app, and your sending is temporarily stopped when you reach the limit.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You will be charged by Shopify billing (if you are a Shopify store) and pay with Paypal (if you are a Magento store).

How do you calculate pricing of AVADA Email Marketing?

Your monthly cost will be calculated based on the number of contacts you import and collect into the app. Please contact us at [email protected] so that we can help you estimate your cost. This is very fair for any merchant, and you just pay as you go!

Which platforms does AVADA Email Marketing support?

AVADA Email Marketing currently supports Shopify and Magento 2.

Do I need technical skills to use AVADA Email Marketing?

Anyone can build email marketing automation campaigns on AVADA Email Marketing without technical knowledge or design skill. We provide multiple ready-to-use templates and a very user-friendly email editor.

Can I use AVADA Email Marketing for free?

Yes, you can install the Free plan of AVADA Email Marketing (allows up to 1,000 contacts and 15k emails/month).