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Our welcome message

Thank you for your interest in our blog. As a dedicated Automation Marketing Platform, AVADA does not only care about product development, but we also appreciate high-quality, interesting and valuable content which our readers/customers/followers benefit from.As long as your content contributes great values to our audiences, you are always welcome to feature it on our blog page. Moreover, we believe that you have amazing things to share with the community.

Why us?

- We have more than** 400k** page views per month.
- Our audience is engaged, the average time on page is no shorter than 5 minutes.
- We respect copyright and appreciate your creativity.

What we write about

As an Automation Marketing Platform, who provides business solutions to e-commerce websites, we tend to focus more on Shopify and Magento news, apps, partners, updates, how-tos, devdocs, tips, and tricks. However, we are also very open and keen on other topics which are related to e-commerce and high technology, generally. Consider the following subjects for your piece of writing:

- Artificial Intelligence, Voice, Internet of Things, Machine learning, Big data, etc.
- e-Marketing, digital marketing, marketing technology.
- Customer experience optimization, UX and UI.
- e-Commerce tips and tricks, news, tools, and applications.
- Search Engines Optimization.

Who is our audience?

e-Commerce geeks are our targeted audience, including but not limited to those who work in Shopify and Magento. Our readers can also be store owners, digital marketers, SEO-ers, technology lovers and many others.

Why contribute?

- It is a win-win cooperation. We have good content, you have good mentions.
- You can win some high-quality backlinks on a trustworthy website with a high Alexa rank.
- You consequently gain a great amount of high-quality traffic to your target page.
- Expose your content to a big community of e-commerce experts, entrepreneurs and other bloggers.
- Strengthen your writing portfolio.

What we expect from your content?


First of all, your content should not be posted anywhere or has never been published in any shape or form.

Word Count

Though we would rather look for good content than meaningless long articles, we will only accept posts which are AT LEAST 1500 words.


 A good piece of content should have a clear structure. We will love it if you have a table of content and a clear headings and subheadings system. Ideally, it must start with a short intro and end with a summary.

 We typically break down our articles into short paragraphs with no more than 100 words each to guarantee the readability for our audience.

 Guest author's bio is optional. If you want to show this section, please provide your full name and a short bio of no more than 70 words.


Make sure that your content is helpful and valuable. We love articles which really bring extra benefits to the readers. We do not recommend you to focus too much on certain products or services of yourselves or any others'.

 Images, videos, and audio are great. Please provide at least one piece of media for each subheading

Easy to follow, easy to read. We recommend you to feature a clear table of content which helps readers know what you are writing about at the very beginning.

 No more than two backlinks to your site are allowed. So, be selective. However, you can mention your site or products without hyperlinks, consciously and appropriately.

 One or several links to trustworthy and popular websites are highly recommended. Please refer to sources that you get the information from.

 It would be great if AVADA brand name, our articles or products are mentioned in your post with at least an internal link to one of our pages.

It's a NO with

This is a huge red flag if your content is not unique. We use Grammarly to check if there are any plagiarisms in your content, and we do not accept content with more than 5% of plagiarism.

Images, videos and other media you use in the content must be yours or allowed to be reused. We highly recommend you to quote the resources.

Content to promote products

Your products and services are amazing. However, we have to say No to articles which are written for promotion only.

Low-quality content

If that content does not meet our standards which are mentioned above, it will be a No

The editorial process

We use Google docs as a tool to review and edit content, please send us your articles via this application with permission to edit.

As soon as you submit your content, our editorial team will review the formats. We will go through the table of content first to make sure that it is the content we are looking for. If everything is okay, we will go through the details and give you feedbacks after 7-10 working days. The timeline for the content to go live is dependent, it can take 2-3 working days to finish.

Ready to get Started

Contact and let's spread the knowledge mutually to help our audience community grow!

Updated on: 09/08/2021

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