How to send Welcome automation email to subscribers collected via Avada form?

AVADA provides various types of form to collect lead, including popup form, inline form, spin to win form, etc. Once the form is live and starts collecting lead, you many wonder how to setup Welcome flow to welcom new visitor, show case your brand and convert them into customer.

In this article, we will guide you on how to :
Connect the form with an existing Welcome flow.
Create a new Welcome flow and connect it with the form. Please notice that the connection will be ready after your finish the form settings

1/ Connect the form to an existing Welcome flow

In the general setting page, please pay attention to Follow-up Welcome from suggestion. Please click on Connect to exisiting flow to start the connection

In the next step, please hit Select button

After the connection is processed, you can see the automation which has just been connected sucecssfully.

2/ Create a new Welcome flow and connect it to the form

If you do not have any Welcome automation to connect or you just want to setup new automation to send emails to your subscribers signup via form only, please hit Create New Flow button

You will be then directed to Automation page. Please select New Subscribers event type

Choose your desired preset > Check Automation Preview and click on Next button

Click on Start event to open and select a form that you want to connect to the automation. Please click on Connect Now

Select a form from dropdown list and hit Save button. Please hit Next button and continue your work at automation setting pages and complete your workflow. You can refer this guide to know how to set up Welcome automation

The connected automation info will be displayed at the general form setting page

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate do drop us a message via Livechat. We are happy to support you!

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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