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How to set up AVADA SMS compliant with TCPA/CTIA

Learn how to set up SMS opt in and SMS opt out in your Shopify checkout and in AVADA to be compliant with TCPA and CTIA

Table of contents:

Setting SMS opt-in
  + SMS opt-in via Shopify Checkout
  + SMS opt-in in AVADA Sign up form
  + SMS opt-in keywords in AVADA
Setting SMS opt-out
  + SMS opt-out keywords in AVADA
  + Admin unsubscribe SMS in AVADA Audiences

Setting SMS opt in

SMS Opt-in via Shopify Checkout

By default, when your customers leave their phone number in the checkout page, those contacts will be saved as not subscribed to the SMS channel in AVADA. To make them become subscribed to SMS channel, you need to enable the SMS opt-in setting in Shopify checkout.

There are four steps to go:

Enable option "Accept marketing"
Allow customers to leave phone number
Update your privacy policy
Set up checkout footer

1. Enable option "Accept marketing"

1.1. To add an opt-in checkbox into your shop's checkout page, please go to your  Shopify Settings > Checkout

1.2. Scroll down to find "Email Marketing", then turn on "Show a sign-up option at checkout"

1.3. At the same page, Continue to find the "Checkout language" section > Open "Manage checkout language"

1.4. Filter "Checkout Marketing" to find the Accept marketing checkbox label, then copy and paste the following text:

"Update me about news and special deals via emails and SMS"

1.5 Remember to click "Save" after configuring.

2. Allow customers to leave phone number

2.1. Go to Settings > Checkout > set "Shipping address phone number" to be optional

2.2. Scroll down to find the Checkout language section > click Manage checkout language

2.3. Filter "Phone label" > find "Phone label" and "Optional phone label" > paste the following text:

"Phone number for news and special deals offer"

2.4. Remember to click "Save".

3. Update privacy policy

3.1. Go to Settings > Legal

3.2. At "Privacy policy" field, add the following text to your policy:

"SMS and notifications: By subscribing to SMS notifications, you consent to receive marketing text messages from us via your phone number. This is not a required step to purchase. You can text STOP, NO, N, DENY to unsubscribe anytime. Msg and data rates may apply. View Terms of Use and Privacy Policy."

In case you do not have a policy, you can use a default one by clicking Create From Template button.

3.3. Remember to click SAVE after configuring.

4.1. Go to Online Store > Themes > click Actions > click Edit language

4.2. Filter "Checkout shop policies" then find the "Privacy policy" and paste the following text (remember to replace [YOUR STORE NAME]):

"By checking this box, I consent to receive automated marketing from [YOUR STORE NAME] by SMS from an automatic telephone dialing system to the number provided. Consent is not a condition to purchase. Text STOP to unsubscribe anytime. View privacy policy."

4.3 Confirm the changes by clicking SAVE.

SMS Opt-in via AVADA sign up forms

AVADA sign-up form supports you to add Footer note showing your term and condition when customers opt in your SMS channel.

To add the term and condition, go to Forms > Open a form > Click Content

Then click Edit Footer Note

We have a default statement but you can change it depending on the term and conditions of your own stores on how you will use your customer phone number and other information.

SMS Opt-in via SMS keyword

AVADA supports several Opt-in keywords for SMS so that your customers can easily subscribe to SMS channel.

When you open AVADA, please go to Settings > SMS

There are a lot of opt in keywords supported: START, YES, UNSTOP, JOIN, Y, SUBSCRIBE

Setting SMS Opt-out

Use Opt-out keywords in AVADA

Similar to opt-in keywords, AVADA does support Opt-out keywords for US/CA recipients so that your contacts can unsubscribe anytime by replying those keywords.

Also, AVADA supports unsubscribe link for non US/CA recipients

Admin can unsubscribe SMS from Audience page in AVADA

Admin can go to the specific contact, then select option to change their marketing status:

Updated on: 26/07/2021

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