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How to Enable Push Notification and Edit Custom Opt-in message?

Step 1: Open Push Notification Integration

From App Dashboard > Click to your account > Select Integrations

Click on Push Notification

Step 2: Enable Push Notification

- Click toggle button to enable Push Notification. This allow your stores to start collecting subscribers of web push channel and allow you to send web push in Automation/Campaign

- If you choose Enable auto clean, Guest contacts who have unsubscribed Push Notification and do not have other contact information such as Email, SMS will be automatically deleted.

Step 3: Setup Custom Opt-in and Opt-in Button

Custom Opt-in: Click toggle button to enable Opt-in message on your site. You can see the preview of the Opt-in message in the right side
Heading: Enter the title you want to display at the Opt-in message
Description: Enter the message details you want to display at the Opt-in message
Logo: Upload the logo you want to display on Opt-in message

Add topic: Click Add topic button to add different topics that your visitors can select to receive the push notification they interested in.
You can easily create segment of push notice subscribers based on the topic they opt in in order to send them the relevant messages.

Tick the icon to confirm adding new topic. After that, you can see the new topic in Opt-in message

- Delete topic: Click the icon Delete to delete the topic

Opt-in Button Label: Enter the label for Opt-in Button. Default label is "Update me".
Opt-in Button Background Color: Choose the background color for Opt-in Button
Opt-in Button Text Color: Choose the color for the text displayed in the Opt-in Button
Cancel Button Label: Enter the label for the Cancel Button. Default label is "Later"
Cancel Button Text Color: Select the color for the text displayed in Cancel Button
Click Use default settings to use the default settings for Opt-in message

Step 4: Enable Opt-in Button

Click toggle button to enable Opt-in Button. This button will be shown if your visitors' browsers auto block all kind of notifications, then they can still click to this button to opt in your web push.
Color: Choose color for Opt-in button
Position: Choose position for Opt-in button
Use default settings: Click Use default settings to reset to default settings of Opt-in Button

Step 5: Finish setting

After configure the Custom Opt-in Message and Opt-in Button, press the Save button to save the settings.

Now you can start set up push notification messages in your Automation/Campaigns.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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