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How to send Push Notification in Automation workflow?

Step 1: Go to Automation page

You can add Push Notification to an existing Automation workflow or create a new workflow. In this article, we will guide you on how to create New workflow and add Push Notification there.

From App Dashboard > Automation > Click New Automation

Select the Event type and a Pre-built workflow for it

Step 2: Add Push Notification

In the workflow, drag and drop the Push Notification to any position you like. For example, in this Welcome workflow, I put a Push Noti at the beginning right after visitors subscribe to your form.

Click to Push Notice item and edit its information at the right column

Name: Enter a name for the notification
Topic: Click Please select and select topic to send notification to contact list
Add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking: Check options and edit information to add UTM tags
Exit workflow if customer does not receive push notification: Enable this option will allow contacts go out of the whole automation if the they blocks push notifications or cannot receive push notification.
Click Save button to save the information

Step 3: Notification content

Click to Edit button at Notification Content

It will open an editor page that allow you to set up the push message

Title: Enter and edit the title for the notification
Content: Enter and edit Content for notification
Click action: Enter the URL you want to redirect when the customer clicks on the notification

Logo: Add an image of the logo you want to display in the notification
Image: Add another image you want to display in the notification, can be a new product image, a banner...
Note: You can click Send test to preview the notification you are setting up. After clicking "Send test", you need to allow Notifications for your browser to see the AVADA Notification preview.

After editing all the content, click Save button to save and go live the Push Notification

Step 4: Go live the Push Notification and whole workflow

After clicking Save, you can go live the Push Notification.

Then complete the Automation and go live it.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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