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How to integrate with Facebook Ads Lead

How to connect with Facebook Ads

Step 1: Login To Your Facebook account

From Your Account button at Top right corner > Integrations

Select Facebook Ads

Click Login with Facebook

Step 2: Connect a Facebook Page

From Facebook Login page > Select the Page you want to share permissions for AVADA App

Enable the permissions you want to share > Click Done to complete the Connect

Selected Facebook Page to connect > Click Connect

After connecting successfully, status changes to Connected

Create Welcome workflow connect with Facebook Ads Lead

Create Welcome workflow

Step 1: Create Workflow

If you want to create a new workflow, click Create new workflow. If you want to edit your current welcome workflow, click View existing workflows

Step 2: Edit workflow conditions to connect with Facebook Ads Lead

Click Start event > Select Add condition

Select condition Facebook Ads Lead Form > Select a Form
You can select multiple forms by adding multiple conditions

After connecting the Facebook Ads account and selecting the page, the page's form list will be automatically pulled to the app

After completing the conditions > Click Save and continue clicking to Next to complete the creation of Automation Welcome

Workflow activities

If a workflow is set up as shown below:

When the customer submits information through the Form2 of Facebook Ads, Automation will trigger and send an email to the contact after 3 minutes

- If you don't have a Facebook Ads Lead, you can create it here
- After the customer submits through the Facebook Ads Lead form, the contact will be added to AVADA and automatically tagged with "fb_ads".

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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