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How to set up Dynamic coupons in Magento 2 and import to AVADA

You wan to send coupon to your customers using AVADA Marketing Automation. For Magento 2 stores, you need to create a Cart Price Rule at the store. Then export the rule's coupon codes to import manually to AVADA.

Generate and Export Cart Price Rule coupon list

Step 1: Go to Cart Price Rule Setting

Access Magento admin > Select Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rule

Magento Cart Price Rule Setting

Step 2: Create a new Cart Price Rule

Click Add New Rule

Add New Rule

At Rule Information: Enter Rule Name, select Website, Customer Group applies Cart Price Rule

Create New Rule Page

Select "Active = Yes"

Activate the rule

In the Coupon field, select Specific Coupon and check Use Auto Generation

Auto Generate Coupon

In the Actions field, select the discount type in the Apply field and the desired Discount Amount

Select Discount Type and Amount

Click Save and Continue Edit

Save & Continue Edit

Step 3: Generate Coupon Codes

At the new rule created in Step 2, select Manage Coupon Codes
Enter Coupon Qty, Code Length and choose Code Format as desired

Generate Coupon Codes

Click Generate

Step 4: Export Coupon Code

In the Coupon Code table, after clicking Generate in Step 3, select Export to CSV
Click Export

Export Coupon Codes

The file after exporting can be used to import into AVADA according to the instructions in section 2 below.

Manual import coupon to AVADA

You can choose Manual import coupon to import coupon codes that exported from Magento 2 Cart Price Rule and use in AVADA.

Step 1: Go to Coupon settings

At the app select Settings > Coupon > click Create button

Open AVADA Coupon Settings

Step 2: General Information

- Enter a name for the coupon group at Name
- Select Source as Manual coupon group

General Information

Step 3: Upload import file

Import the codes by CSV file or directly /type the codes you want to create into the text box

Upload coupon files

Step 4: Finish import

Click Create button to finish

Updated on: 26/07/2021

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