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How to Create a Segment of SMS Subscribers

Creating a segment for your SMS subscribers is important to create new email campaigns and gather business insight. Let’s walk through how to create a segment of SMS subscribers in this guide.

Create a segment of SMS subscribers

1. Create a segment in the Audiences

To start building, simply navigate to Audiences -> Segments and click on the Create segment button.

2. Choose the segment's filter

Give your segment an easy to remember name, such as SMS Subscribers. Then choose a filter by selecting SMS Status -> is subscribed. Click on the Done button.

3. Save the segment

You should now see a list of people who consented to receive SMS marketing messages from your business. Click on the Update button to save your SMS subscriber segment.

Now, you got yourself a segment of everyone who at the moment subscribed to your SMS marketing service.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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