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How to create and manage SMS conversations ?

SMS conversation is two-way message that allows you to communicate with your customers on a one-on-one basis, answer questions and have in-depth conversations.
In this article, we will guide you on how to create and manage SMS conversation function in AVADA Marketing Automation.

Important note:

You can start a conversation with a subscriber or even not-subscriber. However, we recommend you to get the contact subscribed before sending message.
You can use sharable number or buy a new phone number as a sender for SMS conversations. We advise you to buy a new one, which definitely make the communication between you and customers easier.
You can initiate a conversation with customers and receive their message once they reply back.
We support you use different variables to quickly and automatically retrieve the information in the message. You can save important information as a note in a conversation and it will not be sent to customers.

Create a SMS Conversation

Step 1 : Access Conversation Page

Step 2: Create a new conversation

The admin can initiate a conversation and send messages to contacts in the audience list. Please click on New Conversation and search any contact to send by Name or Phone Number

After finishing the content, please click on Send button

You can note down some important details in the chat. It is only for internal use, so it will not be sent to the customers.

It is quite convenient as you can use variables to quickly retrieve the information without having to typing the exactly data like customer name, customer email, etc. Please click on the icon and select variables to insert into your message

In AVADA Conversation, it is possible to send MMS message. However, this function only supports US/CA contacts . Please click on image icon and choose images to upload and send. Images can be pulled out from Media Library, Free Stock Images or uploaded directly from the computer

Enable Shorten Link: Auto shorten link helps you save more characters used in one message, which not only make the SMS look clean but also saves the cost. Once this function is activated, any link in the message, including in variables will be automatically shorten.

Add emoji: Use emoji to express your message clearly while adding an element of creativity to your interaction. Click on emoji icon and add your favorite ones to the message.

Manage SMS Conversations

Filter conversations

Filter conversation by Type: There are 3 types that can be filtered, including Open, Respond, Resolved. Select All conversation to show all conversations

Filter conversation by Time: Newest or Oldest

Resolve conversations

Resolve conversation after all the questions are answered helps you manage it better. Please click to open the conversation and hit Resolve button at the right-hand side of the screen

If you mistakenly resolve the conversation or you want to open the coversation again, please click to open the conversation and press Unresolve button. Please note the resolved conversations will be automatically opened if customers reply to that message.

View contact

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the profile of customer, including Segments, Activities, Email, Phone, etc.
Click on the icon next to Resolve button to open the profile and then click on the icon next to Customer Name to see full details.

Should you have any quesiton, please do not hesitate to ask for our support via Livechat!

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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