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How to create SMS Campaign? (mass SMS)

SMS in AVADA Email Marketing includes two types:

- SMS Automation: allow you to send SMS for triggered campaigns like Abandoned Cart, Welcome New subscribers, Order Follow Up, Cross-sell and Up-sell, Win-back...
- SMS Campaign: allow you to send mass SMS for your seasonal sales, updates, new collections, and any types of newsletter campaigns.

Notice: You need to buy SMS credit before you can send SMS. See guide here.

In this article, let learn how to send SMS Campaign.

Step 1: Select an SMS newsletter template

- From the App Dashboard, go to Campaign > New Campaign
- Select type = SMS Newsletter

- Select template > Click Next

Step 2: Edit SMS content

Sender Name: Enter Sender Name to replace your phone number when sending SMS.
Note the Sender Name section is only supported in certain countries, see here.
After entering, the content will be displayed in the Preview section.

SMS Text:

- Enter the SMS content you want to send to the customer
- You can insert various variables to increase your SMS personalization and information.

Click the button as shown below:

- Select the variables you want to add

+ Preview:

- Select Non-US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview for countries other than the US and CA
- Select US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview of US and CA countries: When choosing US/CA Recipients, you can add photos (MMS -- multiple media) when sending SMS.

Unsubscribe Option: When you enable it, your contacts who receive SMS can opt-out (unsubscribe) your SMS by replying to your message.
Note that currently, the app only supports one-way SMS sending (means that customer cannot reply to your shop, except reply for unsubscribing)

Auto Shorten Links: Enable if you want to replace the default link with a shortened link to limit the character when sending SMS, and this link allows you to track SMS report statistics.

Step 3: Set up who and when to send SMS campaign

3.1 General information

- Name: Enter the name of the campaign
- Description: Enter a description for the campaign. This is optional and for internal use only.
- Add these tags to the campaign: Click to this icon:

and select the tag you want to assign to your campaign. This is optional.

3.2 Who to send this newsletter

3.2a. Add segment

Choose the segments you want to send this SMS campaign.

- If All is selected, it applies when sending SMS to contacts that satisfy all the segments below
- If ANY is selected, it applies when sending SMS to contacts that satisfy one of the segments.

Select a condition in or not in:

- In: Send SMS to the contacts included in the selected segments
- Not in: Send SMS to contacts that are not in selected segments

Select Segment > Click the icon green tick as shown below to add the segment.

3.2b. Send to subscribers list only

- If you choose to send SMS to subscribers only, only contact whose SMS status is subscribed will get your SMS.
- If you add segment and choose to send subscribers at the same time, SMS will be delivered to contacts whose status is subscribed in the segment

3.2c. Smart sending

This option helps you send SMS in the time that has highest covert rate and avoid the time when has low open rate.
If you use smart sending with choosen time at SMS Setting, the campaign will not be sent during that period.

3.3 When to send newsletters

Select Send Now: Your SMS campaign will be sent immediately when you live it.

Choose Schedule Time Allow you to schedule to send SMS campaign at a specific time

- Select Timezone and Exact time to send your SMS campaign.
- Save and go live or let it be in the draft if you want to edit later.

Updated on: 25/10/2021

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