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Get started with AVADA Newsletter Campaign

Welcome to AVADA platform. If you have just started using AVADA, and you are wishing to create newsletter campaigns to send to mass audiences, this article is for you. 

Before you start

To make sure Newsletter Campaign is what you are looking for in AVADA, here are some traits for this type of campaign:

- What newsletter campaign used for: It can be used to announce your deals, discount, promote specific products, introduce new items, and inform any store updates. Also, online stores often use newsletters to send valuable information to their audience (blog, guide, tips, tricks, etc.)
- Who to send newsletter campaign: You can choose to send it to a specific customer group or send it to all of your subscribers
- When to send newsletter campaign: You can send it immediately or schedule to send at a certain time.

If this is the right campaign type you are wishing to run, please scroll down to see the guide to start it effortlessly. 

How to create a newsletter campaign on AVADA?

Email Newsletter

The newsletter email is one of the most popular tool to engage with your subscriber list. With AVADA Newsletter Email, you have various pre-built templates and particularly a powerful email editor. See guide to create newsletter email here

SMS Newsletter

Besides email newsletters, you can also send SMS. SMS newsletters allow you to reach your customer immediately and convert they better with extremely high conversion rates. See full guide to create SMS campaign

Best advices to succeed your newsletter campaign

- Customer segmentation is important for newsletter emails, especially when you send mass audiences. Make sure that they are subscribers and relevant to your messages. Read more on How to do targeting in email marketing. 
- Know about email deliverability to improve your campaign result. Also, Email open rates and click-through rates are two important metrics to know the success level of your newsletter campaign.
- Designing your newsletter emails to gain more customer attention and engagement. Here are the best fonts for your email templates as well. 
- When is the best time to send email - interesting proven researches you should apply for your campaigns. 
- 20+ Expert Tips To Master Email Marketing

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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