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Share newsletter campaigns to Facebook

You want to share your newsletter campaign/email to Facebook, AVADA support you to that with Auto post function.

1. Connect your Facebook account

Step 1: Open AVADA Integration page

From App Dashboard > Click to your account > Select Integration

Step 2: Select Facebook Business

Find and click to Facebook integration

Step 3: Login with Facebook

Login to your Facebook account

Check the pages you want to post after the campaign is successfully sent and click Next

Enable toggle buttons to enable permissions and press Done to finish

Step 4: Select Default Page

After successful login, click Please select page and select default page, click Test Connection to test the connection

2. Set up Auto Post at Campaign

Step 1: Create new campaign

App > Campaigns > Click New campaign

Step 2: Select Email campaign

Select Type "Email Campaign" and click "Next"

Step 3: Complete the info of the campaign

Complete all the campaign info then click Next to go to Ready step

Step 4: Set up the information you want to Post to Facebook

Enable toggle button to enable auto post to Facebook feature

- Select Page: Select the page you want to post the post on after the campaign sent is successful
- Post message: Enter the content you want for the post you want to post, you can click the icon and select Available variables

Post image: Click on the location as shown below and select the image you want to post

If you don't choose a photo, you will get the photo in the email to post

Step 5: Finish posting

After completing the info, press "Finish" button and live the post

After the campaign is successfully sent, the article will be automatically posted to your page on Facebook

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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