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How to add UTM tags for AVADA url?

UTM tags are added to URLs in AVADA message (that allow you to track the traffics to your website that AVADA bring to you.

Add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking

UTM Source: Import the source content to allow you to track where the traffic is originating from. For example AVADA_newsletter, AVADA_automation, facebook, google….
UTM Medium: Import Medium content to track the type of traffic visitors originate from - cpc, email, social…
UTM Campaign: Enter a campaign name to effectively track which campaign your customer's traffic is coming from
UTM Content: Enter the content so that in case you have multiple links pointing to the same URL (such as an email with two CTA buttons), this code will help you track which link was clicked.
UTM Term: Enter keyword content to allow you to track keywords that website visitors

Add UTM for Automation

Step 1: Access the campaign workflow

From App Dashboard > Automation > Select the automation you want to add > Campaign workflow tab

Step 2: Edit UTM Email

Click email you want to add UTM tags > Check the option Add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking

Edit UTM tags for emails:

After editing, press Save to save the configuration.

Step 3: Edit UTM for SMS

Similarly to email in Automation, you can click to a SMS message and add UTM for it:

Edit UTM tag for SMS:

After editing, press Save to save your configuration

Add UTM for Campaign

Step 1: Create new campaign

From App Dashboard > Campaign > Click New campaign > Select campaign type (Email, SMS, or Push Notification)

Step 2: Setup Campaign and go to Ready step

Step 3: Set up UTM tags

Check the option Add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking. And complete the tags you want to set up.

Step 4: Complete the campaign

Click Finish and go live the campaign

View reports in Google Analytics

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, please see the instructions for creating and connecting to the Shopify Store here.

After connecting and setting up UTM in the app, when the customer clicks the link in the email or SMS, it will be saved in Google Analytics.

To view the report by Source/ Medium Go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/ Medium

Click Source, Medium, Keyword to see the corresponding report

To view reports by campaign Google Analytics > Campaign > All Campaigns

Updated on: 15/09/2021

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