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How to add WhatsApp to Automation workflow?

You can easily put WhatsApp messages to AVADA Automation workflows such as Abandoned Cart, Welcome, Order Confirmation to reach your customers via their WhatsApp account.

In Automation Message Templates, AVADA pre-built some templates for you and you cannot edit them because WhatsApp only accept messages pre-approved by their system.

Let's learn how you can add Automation WhatsApp messagse to your workflow.

Step 1: Go to Automation page

From App Dashboard > Automation > Open existing Automation or create new one.

Step 2: Add WhatsApp items

From workflow items menu, just drag and drop WhatsApp item into the workflow

Edit info for WhatsApp item:

Sender: Select Sender to send WhatsApp Automation. Can use Shareable Sender or your own Sender.
WhatsApp Name: Enter and edit Name for items
Message Text: Click "Select template"

Add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking: Check options and edit information to add UTM tags

Click Save to save
After the campaign golive go to the activity tab to see the log

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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