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How to Add/Remove Input fields in a Form

Input fields are an essential part of any form. They are where your subscribers write in required contact information to start the subscription process. Some data are absolutely a must-have, such a email address, but others can be optional, such as phone number. Here is how you can add and remove input fields in a form with AVADA.

Step 1. Go to your form editor

Click on any form and go to the Design step. As you can see, our form often already has some input fields inside to collect subscriber's information, such as name, phone number, email address, and more. To add any input field into your form, click on the Add Component button.

Step 2. Add an input field into your form

Here, the Add Item board will appear, showing all the items you can add to your form. Scroll down to the From Fields, and you will see all the input fields that you can add, which are:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

For example, when I click on the Birthday button, I will see the Birthday field appear on my form like in the image below. You can edit this input field on its placeholder text, validation message, and choose whether this should be a required field or not. You can also change the font, alignment, and the field border radius or color.

Step 3. Remove the input field from your form

Removing any input field is also quite simple, just click on any item and you will see a black delete button next to it. For example, you can see when I click on the Birthday element that I added in before. Hit the button to delete an input field.

Another way to do this is through the Components field on the left. Just hove over the element you want to remove and you should see the same delete button to click on, like in the image below.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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