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How to set up Add-to-cart popup in AVADA?

Add-to-cart Popup is a popup shown after customers put their items into the cart and ask for customer email or phone.
The final purpose of the Add-to-cart Popup is:

- Collect leads and follow up later
- Send Abandoned Cart email/SMS to them if they do not leave their email at the checkout page.

Step 1: Select Add-to-cart Popup Template

To create the Add to cart popup campaign, you need to go to Form > Click Create

Select the type of Add-to-cart popup > Then choose Add-to-cart template

It will display a preview popup, and you need to click the Select template button to continue.

Step 2: Design Add-to-cart popup

Customize content for Add-to-cart popup. To edit the popup, you can click on each element on the popup, then edit at the Components section on the left.

2.1 General

+ Font family: Select a font to display for the popup
+ Text Align: Select the display type of popup content: left, right or center align
+ Background color: Select a color for the background of the popup

2.2 Heading

Here customize the content displayed for the popup's heading

- Content: Enter the text displayed for the heading
- Color: Select a color for the heading
- Font size: Customize the font size of the heading
- Font weight: Customize the density of the heading
- Letter Spacing: Customize the spacing between letters
- Line Height: Customize the spacing between lines

2.3 Body text

Here customize the display content for the popup's body text

- Content: Enter display content for body text
- Color: Select a color for the body text
- Font size: Customize font size for body text
- Font weight: Customize the weight of the text
- Letter Spacing: Customize the spacing of letters
- Line Height: Customize the spacing between lines

2.4 Form

Here you can customize the fields displayed on the popup by ticking the field you want to add

- First name: Enter the text displayed in the first name placeholder

- Last name: Enter the text displayed in the last name placeholder

- Phone number: Enter the content displayed in the phone number placeholder

- Email: Enter the text to display in the email placeholder

- Button

+ Button content: Enter the content to display on the button
+ Color: Select color for button text
+ Background color: Select a color for the button's background

- Close button

Choose the color for the close button

Step 3: Trigger of Add-to-cart popup

This is the step to choose how a campaign should be displayed:

3.1 When to display the popup

- Add to cart default trigger: Popup will display when customer add items to the cart (you cannot change this trigger)
- Show again after: Select the time to show the popup again. When the popup is turned off without entering information, after a customized period at Show again after, the popup will display again

3.2 Where to show

Select the page to display the campaign

- All pages: Popup displayed on all pages
- Specific pages: popups are only visible on pages that satisfy the added condition.
Enter the URL and select conditions for those pages. Click Add to add the condition.

Step 4: Settings

- Email validation: If checked, Use email validation for my campaign will allow only existing emails to submit popup. This to avoid spam emails.
- Tags: Add a tag to the contacts obtained by the popup
- Click Save & Next to continue

Step 5: Ready

- Campaign Name: Enter a name for the campaign
- Continue clicking Save will display a popup for you to choose the status of the popup.
+ Keep as draft: Campaign will be saved but not displayed in the store
+ Go live: Allows popups to be displayed right on the store

How to edit Add-to-cart popup campaign

To edit the campaign you created, you need to click on the campaign you want to edit. Then it will open this page:

- Report: Here are statistics about the campaign
+ Impression: The number of frontend popup impressions
+ Conversion: Number of emails collected from the popup
+ Conversion rate: Conversion rate compared to impressions
- Campaign status: Enable / disable campaign
- Click on the preview popup or Design button to be able to edit the contents of the popup
- Click Edit trigger if you want to modify the popup trigger
- Click Edit settings to edit the email validation and tag of the popup

Updated on: 18/08/2021

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