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How to create a new popup in AVADA?

In this article, you will be guided on how to create a new Popup campaign on AVADA Email Marketing. To collect more customers' emails, making your own popup that makes customers fantastic is very crucial. Now let's get started!

Here is how popup by AVADA Email Marketing looks on the storefront.

Firstly, you need to activate Form by clicking on Enable > Save

Step 1. Select Template

From the App Dashboard, go to Forms, then click the Create button.

Here choose the type of campaign you want to create and select a template available:

Preview your template then Select to edit it

Step 2. Design Popup

Here you can customize the content and display of your campaign. You can customize:

- Subscribe page, Thank you page > see guide here

- Teaser (float button), see guide here

Step 3. Choose Popup Trigger

This is the step to choose how a popup should be displayed:

3.1 When to display the popup

Here choose the time your popup will be shown.

On exit intent: popup displays when the customer is about to move the mouse away from the page

After the page loaded: popup displays as soon as the page is loaded

After X seconds: popup displays after the client opens the page for X seconds

After scrolled X percent: popup displays when scrolling down X percent

- Custom click trigger: Choose a click of element on your site as the trigger for the popup

- Add to cart trigger: This popup will show when guest customer adds item to their cart

3.2 Show again after

Select when to re-display the popup. When the popup is closed without entering information, after a customized time at Show again after,the popup will display again according to the selected trigger.

3.3 Where to show

All pages: Popup displayed on all pages

Specific pages: popup is only visible on pages that satisfy the added condition.

+ Click "Add" to enter the pages you want to show popup.

- Page NOT to show: Choose exclude page to show popup.
- Choose where to display on devices: Enable popup on desktop/mobile

- Country restriction: Only show popup for specific users' countries

Step 4. Settings

- Re-engagement: If someone is already on your subscriber list, they cannot sign up this form. If it is what you want, enable this setting.
- Email validation: Allow you to validate if a subscribed email is exist or not. This function helps to prevent spam leads.
- Tags: Add tag for contacts collected from this popup
- Double opt-in: If you enable Double opt-in, a confirmation email will be sent to your customers when they subscribed. This will helps to validate whether an email signed up exists or not.

Step 5. Ready

Campaign name: Enter a name for the campaign

- Click Save and then continue to choose the status for the popup. You can go live it or save as a draft.

If you are looking for connecting Welcome emails to one of your sign up form, see the guide here.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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