Welcome to AVADA onboarding course! If you are looking for a guide to help you easily create a stunning sign-up popup to collect leads on your shop, this article is for you.

What can you do with AVADA sign-up forms?

- Collect information of your visitors/customers: name, email, phone number
- Deliver coupon/discount on Thank you page after they leave emails
- Auto-apply coupon at the checkout page 
- Email validation 
- Double opt-in
- Show sign-up form at specific or all pages
- Show sign-up form at certain trigger: on exit intent, right after the page loaded, after X seconds, after scroll X percent of page, etc.

What AVADA sign-up forms supported?

AVADA supports 4 types of sign-up forms:

Newsletter popup

Newsletter popup is the most common type of signup form. It allows you to collect customer information by showing a popup on visit site. Newsletter popup supports many time trigger to show it such as: right after the page loaded, after X seconds, after scroll X percent of page or on exit intent, etc.

Spin to Win (Wheel of fortune)

To bring a more exciting experience for your customer, adding a Spin to Win is highly recommended. Similar to newsletter popup, this wheel of fortune is for collecting emails and deliver promotions to encourage purchases. AVADA supports many beautiful seasonal themes for this popup.

Add-to-cart popup

Add-to-cart popup enables collecting customer email before they abandoned carts. Then you can easily follow up with them even if they do not leave an email on checkout page. Since the Add-to-cart popup is designed to show at a very natural time of customer shopping journey, the conversion rate of this popup form is pretty high. 

Inline form

Being a safe and least annoying choice to show sign-up form, the Inline form is directly added to your page. If a visitor wishes to receive your newsletter email, they will actively register to an Inline form. And for sure, those subscribers are quality leads for your email campaigns. 

How to create a signup form on your website?

- Create a newsletter popup
- Create Spin to Win
- Create Add-to-cart popup
- Create Inline form
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