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How to setup AVADA Newsletter Popup - for Ella theme users

Hello Ella users! If you are on the amazing Ella theme, you may find it a very powerful layout with unlimited design options for your storefront. Among the add-on from Ella, a Newsletter popup option is found on your theme settings. This default popup is clean and easy to set up. 

Default Newsletter Popup on Ella

Newsletter popups do not only help you to collect more leads, but also, it is an ambassador of your brand which present the way you engage with your customers. So optimize your sign-up form is a great idea to maximize your quality lead collected. In this article, we would like to introduce an advanced Newsletter Popup tool from AVADA. Wanna have these functions on your form?

- Collect many customer information: name, email, phone
- Design Thank You page with animation effect
- Add coupon right on your Thank You page
- Scratch to reveal the coupon (just like real)
- Show teaser (floating button) of your popup
- Double opt-in to collect more quality leads
- Email validation to avoid spam
- Show Spin to Win - make collecting email an easy and funny game
- Add-to-cart popup: increase chance to recover abandoned carts

If you wish to create more powerful and customizable signup forms for lightening your website, this guide will help you to learn how to install AVADA Newsletter Popup and Spin to Win - right into your Ella theme. 

AVADA Newsletters Popup

Step 1: Install AVADA Email Marketing

- Go to this link to add AVADA Email Marketing into your Shopify store:

- Here is the app Dashboard when you install it successfully:

Step 2: Create Newsletter popup

2.1. Select Preset

From the App Dashboard, go to Forms, then click the Create button.

Here choose the type of campaign you want to create and select a template available:

2.2 Design Popup

Here you can customize the content and display of your campaign. You can customize:

- Subscribe pageThank you page > see guide here

- Teaser (float button) > see guide here

2.3. Choose Popup Trigger

This is the step to choose how a campaign should be displayed:

2.3.1 When to display the popup: Here choose the time your popup will be shown.

On exit intent: popup displays when the customer is about to move the mouse away from the page

After the page loaded: popup displays as soon as the page is loaded

After X seconds: popup displays after the client opens the page for X seconds

After scrolled X percent: popup displays when scrolling down X percent

2.3.2 Show again after: Select when to re-display the popup. When the popup is closed without entering information, after a customized time at Show again after,the popup will display again according to the selected trigger.

2.3.3 Where to show:

All pages: Popup displayed on all pages

Specific pages: popup is only visible on pages that satisfy the added condition.

+ Click "Add" to enter more conditions.

2.4 Settings

- Email validation: Allow you to validate if a subscribed email is exist or not. This function helps to prevent spam leads.
- Tags: Add tag for contacts collected from this popup
- Double opt-in: If you enable Double opt-in, a confirmation email will be sent to your customers when they subscribed. This will helps to validate whether an email signed up exists or not.

2.5. Ready

Campaign name: Enter a name for the campaign

- Click Save and then continue to choose the status for the popup. You can go live it or save it as a draft.

Well done, now let's see the result on your frontend:

Thank you page

Step 3: Explore other functions of AVADA Email Marketing

AVADA Spin to Win

Beside fancy Newsletter Popup, AVADA allows you to create Spin to Win to collect lead in an easy and funny way
Please refer to this guide to know how to create your Spin to Win: <>

AVADA Email Automation and Newsletter Emails

- Create and send various automation campaigns: Abandoned Cart, Welcome emails, Order Follow up, Cross-sell and Up-sell campaign
- Or send your seasonal campaign to all subscribers at once with a Newsletter email
Please refer the guide to set up your email campaign here:

AVADA SMS Automation and SMS Newsletter

Similar to email, SMS sending is supported on AVADA Email Marketing to help your store reach more customers via their mobile.
Please see the guide to set up SMS sending here

There are much more interesting function in AVADA Email Marketing, please explore more and find our full guide here

For support, please contact AVADA right on live chat in-app
Also, you can email us at
Thank you so much for joining us!

Updated on: 27/07/2021

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