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How to configure Double Opt-in

With AVADA, audiences are single opt-in by default: when someone fills out and submits your form, they are immediately added to your audience as a subscribed contact. With double opt-in, people must confirm their signup via email . Both methods are simple and safe ways to expand your audience; it's just a matter of deciding which one is best for you.

In this guide, let's see how you can configure double opt-in for your forms in AVADA.

1. Go to the form's settings

1.1. When creating a new form

Create a form in the Forms section, then go to the Settings step as in the image below.

1.2. When making change on an existing form

Choose a live or stopped form in the Forms section, then scroll down and select Edit settings or click on Here in the How is my campaign setting? board.

2. Find the double opt-in section

If you haven't turned on double opt-in for your form yet, check the checkmark for Double opt-in. Then, you will see the button Let me configure appear, click on it.

3. Configure the double opt-in settings

A pop-up will appear named as Configure my double opt-in settings like the images below. You can configure your double opt-in settings with this.

There are three main key parts to configure, which are:

3.1. Email

This email is the second step of a double opt-in process - which helps your subscribers to confirm their subscription through an email inside their inbox. You can customize the From field, Subject line, and the content inside this email as well. The popup acts pretty much like an email editor you see in Automation, so you won't have any trouble getting used to it. The email copy, button text, and color are all customizable.

On the right, you can see a preview of your double opt-in email, both on how it will appear in the inbox and the content inside. This preview is real-time and update with each changes you make.

3.2. Toast

When you set your form as double opt-in, this toast will pop up to inform subscribers of the double opt-in process. The toast basically lets them know an confirmation email is coming and the subscribers should open the email to complete the subscription process.

You can edit the Toast message in the text field. Have some humor, show more personality, but always remember to be clear so your subscribers know to check their inboxes for the email.

3.2. Confirmation Page

When a subscriber confirms the subscription through the double opt-in email, this page is where they are taken to. They can then understand that the subscription process is completed and also see a short gif about how to receive emails from your site better (by moving your emails from the promotion box to the primary box).

You can edit the message for both the confirmation and the guide gif. The preview panel on the right is also in real-time so you can view your changes right away.

When you are happy with your double opt-in configuration, click on the Save button.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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