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How to import/export contacts with AVADA?

In this guide, we will learn how to import and export contacts with AVADA Email Marketing via CSV or TXT files.
And also, we will get to know where these files are saved and managed.

How to Import contacts to AVADA Email Marketing?

Step 1: Upload file

To Import a contact: From the App dashboard, go to Audiences > click on more option next to New Contact.

Select File or Drag File to the box to import. Note that valid import files are CSV or TXT files.

To avoid import mistakes, please click on the CSV, TXT below to download the sample file.

- First way to upload: Select File

Click Add file, select the file you want to import from your computer and click Open

- Second way to upload: Drag File and drop file

Step 2: Mapping

There are three columns in the Mapping step:

- Column 1: All the column you imported via step 1
- Column 2: The equivalent contact attributes for each column imported.
- Column 3: The example value corresponding to each column you get from your imported file.

This helps you to make sure what is matched with what data in the app.

After selecting the fields, you want to map, click Next

Step 3: Ready

- Update existing contacts that have the same email:
+ Click the Toggle button to enable or disable the feature.
+ If enabled, after importing contact information in the app will be updated according to the information of the import file

- Add tags for imported contacts:
+ Click the Toggle button to enable or disable the feature.
+ Click this icon:

and select the tag you want to add to the contact

- Add those new contacts to the Welcome workflow series: 
+ Click the Toggle button to enable or disable the feature.
+ If enabled, imported contacts will come to the Welcome workflow like new subscribers from your store frontend.

After completing the information, click Next to import; you will see this message display.

Want to see import status? Click the Notification button at the top right of your page.

How to Export contacts from AVADA Email Marketing?

1. Export all contacts

From the App Dashboard, go to Audiences > click on More Option > click on Export.

Click Export > Select All contacts.

Check the file type you want to export under Export as > Click Export.

2. Export Selected Contact

From the App Dashboard, go to "Audiences > Contact." Choose the contacts you want to export

Then click Export > Selected.

Select the file type you want to export > Click Export

3. Export contacts with certain email status

- Got to Audiences > Contact
- Click Export
- Select Contact with email status: Subscribed, Unsubscribed, or Not subscribed

Select the file type you want to export > Click Export

4. How to download file exported

After a successful export, the app will display a popup, as shown below. Click on the links to download the export file

5. How to manage import/export files

To view imported or exported files go to Audiences > Manage Files

Here show all imported and exported files. All the files cannot be downloaded after 14 days from the created date (expired status).
You can view some file information: created time, status, contact count, and you can sort the files by some filters.

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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