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How to sync contacts from Mailchimp to AVADA?

If you are using or were using Mailchimp before and you want to sync all/a part of contacts to AVADA, this guide is for you. AVADA supports syncing contacts from Mailchimp to AVADA automatically. It not only sync contacts at once but also keep syncing contacts automatically in the future if there is any update. Let's get started!

Step 1. Connect Mailchimp

Click your account name at the upright corner and choose Integration

Select Mailchimp on the Integration page

Click Login with Mailchimp to log in to your Mailchimp account

Step 2. Sync contacts

After connecting to Mailchimp successfully, now come to Step 2: Setting the data you want to sync from Mailchimp to AVADA

Sync all the audiences:

If you enable this option, you will sync all the contacts from Mailchimp into AVADA
If you disable this option, you need to choose the audience list that you want to sync to AVADA

Sync Mailchimp tags:

If enabled, the contact tags on Mailchimp will be synced to AVADA
If disabled, the contact tags will not be synced to AVADA

Add tags "mailchimp_sync" for synced contacts:

If you enable this option, contacts after sync from Mailchimp will be tagged as "mailchimp_sync"

Send Welcome emails from AVADA to new contacts in Mailchimp

If this option is enabled, the new Mailchimp contacts will automatically sync to AVADA and they will enter the automation workflow: New Subscribers.
Note that to use this feature, you need to create the automation workflow: New subscriber on AVADA.

After completing the settings, press the Sync Contacts button to sync contacts from Mailchimp to AVADA. You can click on the Notification icon to view your sync contacts process.

Also, after you enable syncing contacts, all Mailchimp's contact updates will be auto-synced to AVADA.

Sync History

You can easily track all your sync contact history after your sync completed.

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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