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How to Manage Contacts in AVADA?

In this article, you will be guided on how to:

1. Add contacts in different ways (manually, sync from your shop)

2. Create tags

3. Edit a contact

1. Add contacts

1.1 Create new contact manually

To create New Contact, go to App > Audiences > New Contact

It will open a window like this to enter contact details:

- Email: Enter the email of your contact. This is a required field.

- First Name: Enter the first name of the customer.

- Last Name: Enter the last name of the customer.

- Phone Number: Enter the customer phone number.

- Internal Note: Enter the internal note for this contact. Only viewable for admin.

1.2 Sync contacts from your shop

- If you are using Shopify, please click on the more option next to the New Contact.

Then choose Sync from Shopify

Then a popup is shown to let you know how many contacts can be synced to Shopify (note that we only sync contacts that have emails/SMS information). Click "Start sync" to process syncing contacts to AVADA.

Then depends on your contact numbers, the sync can be done right away or you need to wait for it to run.

2. Create/manage tags

Go to App> Contacts > Click Manages Tags 

- You can search for a tag by entering its name
- Click Create a tag to add a new tag: enter a name and click OK to add the tag

- Click the icon to delete the tag

3. View/Edit contact details

To see details of a contact, go to "**Audiences > Contacts > Click to a certain contact**"

3.1 General

- Here shown some information about the contacts: Email, ID, Created time, etc.

- You can edit some fields include: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, **Internal Note**

- Add tag for contact:

+ Click the icon as shown below to add a tag

+ Select a tag for the contact by ticking the available tags

+ To add a new tag, enter a name for the tag then press Create

+ Save when adding tag click Save to save contact information

3.2 Sent

Here saved all emails that related to this contact.

- Click to icon to send the email immediately

- Click to iconto view the email details

3.3 Activities

Here saved the history of contact updates.

Filter a segment on your contact list

See how you can create a segment right on your contact list:

Import/Export contacts

Guide to import/export contacts to AVADA:

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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