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How to Unsubscribe/Resubscribe a contact in AVADA

In this guide, let's learn how to allow your contacts to unsubscribe and how you can manually unsubscribe contacts by yourself. Moreover, you will have a deeper understanding of how unsubscribing works in AVADA Marketing Automation.

By default, each email template of AVADA Marketing Automation already contains an unsubscribe link inside the content. You can see this unsubscribe link in most footer elements, which you can drag and drop or edit.

If you want to, you can customize the text in the link. The element has an optional parameter which allows you to customize the text like in the image above.

Where to find Unsubscribers list?

For the audiences, AVADA Marketing put all unsubscribes into one suppression list. You can find these contacts by clicking on More actions -> Suppression List.

I recommend adding a set of tags to your newsletter's signup form to indicate the different types of emails that you are sending. This way, subscribers will be able to opt in and receive specific emails based on their own preferences. These tags will be profile and segment's property so you can use it to filter or create segments later.

Manually unsubscribe someone

To manually unsubscribe someone, navigate to Audiences -> All contacts. Here, you can see all of your subscribers, click on one to access their information.

Next, click on the three dot button at the top right corner of the account's page. Select Change status, and you should see the option to unsubscribe the user from your emails or SMSs.

Just click on the Unsubscribe button inside the popup like in the screenshot above. The status of the subscriber will turn into an un-subscriber and you can find the account again in the suppression list.

Unsubscribe and Update Email Preferences (coming soon)

In all of your emails, I recommend setting a way for feedback or how the recipients can update their email preferences in addition to only unsubscribe.

It's likely that when someone tries to unsubscribe, they just want to get less emails from you. You can reduce unsubscribe rates by allowing your subscribers to pick how often they want to hear from you.

While you can't change an unsubscribe page into a preferences form, you may add an update preferences link to it. You may be able to prevent some would-be un-subscribers from completely unsubscribing this way.

Unsubscribe and Re-subscribe

When someone unsubscribes, they become suppressed. This is because people usually anticipate to be unsubscribed from all of your emails if they choose to unsubscribe from one. Contacts can, however, unsubscribe and re-subscribe to your list again at any moment.

When an unsubscribed, and thus suppressed, profile re-subscribe via an AVADA Marketing Automation form or a Shopify store form, they will be unsuppressed and appear again in the email subscriber list.

Keep the following in mind:
If someone is suppressed and then re-subscribes to the same list from which they were previously unsubscribed, they will be added to that list again.
If a person is globally silenced after unsubscribing from List A and then joining List B, they will not be be re-subscribed to List A.

Updated on: 02/08/2021

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