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How to Resend an Email Campaign to "Non-Openers"


When you send an important or interesting email campaign, you may want to resend it - or send a campaign with similar content - to those that didn't open this email.

With the Email Booster feature from AVADA, you can accomplish this quickly and effectively. The feature gives you a second chance to approach your customers and grab their attention if they skipped your campaign for the first time.

Let's explore this awesome feature in this guide!

About Email Booster

Email Booster is scheduled and sent automatically. Once it's enabled, it is expected to go out 48 hours after the initial campaign to non-openers. It contains the same content as the original campaign, saving you time in the setup process.

To ensure that your subscribers are not getting too many emails from you, Email Booster is only sent to those who did not open your initial campaign and the second campaign will have a different subject line.

The right timing

We've set the 48-hour time limit for the Email Booster because of good previous practice. Within this time gap, it becomes clear who has noticed your email and opened it and who has missed it forever.

This technique is usually called remailing, but we name it Email Booster (or Campaign Booster, sometimes!). AVADA takes care of everything for you - you just need to enter the extra email subject line if you want to boost.

How to Resend an email campaign with Email Booster

Step 1. Create campaign

Proceed through the steps for creating and sending an email campaign.

Step 2. Enable Email Booster

In your editing content, click Improve with Email Booster. You'll see the field Second email subject to enter one more subject for your email.

As we mentioned above, this feature automatically resends your email with the second email subject entered, while still keeping your email content, if the recipient hasn't opened the previous email after 48 hours.

Step 3. Complete other parts and send your campaign.

Enable Email Booster in draft campaigns

Once you've created your campaign, you can choose to keep it as draft or go live immediately. If you choose to keep it as draft, you'll have another chance to activate Email Booster to resend to "non-openers."

Step 1. Open Campaign information section

In your draft campaign, choose the Information section.

Step 2. Enable Email Booster

You can see the Email Booster choice at the right side. Tick it.

Step 3. Enter second subject for your email

In the field Second email subject, you can enter one more subject for your email. Generally, Email Booster will automatically send a new email with the same content but a different subject to your customers if they did not open the email in 48 hours.

Updated on: 31/08/2021

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