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How to Stop a Scheduled/Sending Campaign

When you schedule a campaign ahead of time, you can cancel it at any point before or during the mailing process. You can make adjustments to a scheduled campaign by canceling it, such as modifying the list to which it will be sent or editing the campaign's copy.

Stop a campaign from the Campaigns dashboard

Click on the Campaigns tab.
Find the campaign that you want to stop, click on the three dot button at the right of the campaign, next to the quick report.

Click on Stop.

If you successfully stop your campaign, you will see a popup notification at the bottom of the screen like this.

Stop a campaign from inside

Click on the Campaigns tab.
Select a campaign that is Live, which means it is scheduled to send or sending out emails.
Click on the Stop button next to the Save button.

Click on the Confirm button.

After confirming your decision to cancel, you will see the status of your campaign from Live changed to Stopped.

Please keep in mind that if you stop a campaign in the middle of its delivery, AVADA will not be able to roll back emails that have already been sent. Any remaining emails queued for sending will be instantly cancelled as a result of the cancellation action. The amount of emails distributed from your campaign will be determined by how far along our sending process we are when you cancel.

The data for a partially sent campaign can be found in the overview for that campaign. The date the campaign was scheduled and most recent time it was cancelled are also included in the Campaign dashboard.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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