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Integrate with Facebook Audiences

Sync AVADA segments to Facebook Audiences to run your ads in the most relevant and personalized way.

1. Connect Facebook Audiences

Step 1: Open Integration page

From App Dashboard > Click to your account > Select Integrations

Step 2: Click on Facebook Audiences

Step 3: Login with Facebook

Click "Login with Facebook" to log in to your Facebook Business account. If you don't have one, you can create it here.

If you don't have an account, you can create a new one here

Step 4: Select Facebook Ads account

After connecting with your Facebook account successfully, click Please select as shown below to select the account you want to sync contact to

2. Sync contact to Facebook Audiences

Step 1: Open Segment in AVADA

From App Dashboard > Audiences > Segment

Step 2: Select segment to sync

Click the Facebook** icon** at the segment you want to sync to Facebook Audiences

If you don't have a segment, you can see the guide to create it here.

Step 3: Select Audiences:

- Create Audiences:
+ Enter the name of the Audience you want to create in the search box

+ Click Create audience to create new audiences

+ Note when creating new Audiences, you need to accept Term of service (TOS)

- Open this link, select Ads account and connect at:

- Accept Terms for Facebook custom audience. Click Accept Terms

Then click I Accept as shown below to complete

- Select the Audiences you want to sync contacts of the segment

Step 5: Select Contact Status to sync

- Only sync contacts that emails are subscribed or not subscribed: Sync contacts of segments whose status is subscribed and not subscribed
- Only sync contacts that emails are subscribed: Sync contacts of segments whose status is subscribed
- Sync all contacts: Sync all contacts list of the segment

3. View synced audiences in your Facebook account

Updated on: 12/01/2022

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