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Integrate with Ryviu - Product Reviews app

AVADA Marketing Automation now is integrated with Ryviu, which allow you to:

- Insert reviews automatically in your marketing emails (campaigns or automation)
- Send Review requests and Follow-up emails after someone submit review on your store

1. How to connect with Ryviu

Step 1: Open the integration page

From AVADA App Dashboard > Click to your account > Select Integration

Step 2: Select CATEGORY = Product Reviews > Select Ryviu

Step 3: Get API Token in Ryviu

- From Ryviu app > Click Settings

- Click "Integration"

- Click to "API key" to copy the key

Step 4. Copy API token in Ryviu app and paste token into AVADA Marketing Automation

After you copy key from Ryviu app > Paste API key into AVADA app > Click Connect to connect with Ryviu

Step 5: Click Enable toggle button to show reviews on automation

2. Show Ryviu' reviews in Testimonial blocks

Before editing review blocks, make sure AVADA is connected to Ryviu app

Step 1: Create Automation workflows or Newsletters Campaigns

- Automation guide
- Newsletters guide

Step 2: Drop Testimonial blocks to email content

In the email editor page, search for OTHER MODULE from left menu > Drag and drop TESTIMONIAL 1 or TESTIMONIAL 7 to email

Step 3: Edit content for 2 blocks


- Click this icon below to select and import the review into the block.

- Select Get review from Ryviu to display the corresponding review list in Ryviu. Then click the icon Arrow at the right of each review to insert the review into the email block. Please note that it does not pull hidden reviews.

- After selected, the content of the review will be automatically inserted into the block

- Click button Edit to edit review content:


- Click Get rating from Ryviu to load rating information from Ryviu app

- After selecting review app, review data will be automatically pulled and inserted into the block. You will not be able to edit Review Star and Review Content. The Review Count and Average rating are based on the review list only, not including the hidden reviews.

- Click the icon below to select and import the view into the block

- Select Get review from Ryviu to display the corresponding list of reviews in Ryviu.
Then click the icon to insert the review into the block. Note that the review does not include hidden reviews

After selecting the review information will be automatically inserted into the block

You can click the edit icon and edit the content of the review:

3. Create Automation workflows in AVADA integrated with Ryviu

AVADA support sending:
- Review request automation
- Follow-up after customer left reviews

Step 1: Select Ryviu Integration from Automation

- From App dashboard > Automation > New workflow

- Check EVENT TYPE = Ryviu

- Select workflow preset:

- Preview workflow preset > Click Next

Step 2: Edit workflow

Please see detailed guide for the following components:

- Edit email
- Wait time/Certain Time
- Yes/No Split
- Multiple Splits
- A/B testing
- Exit
- Update contact atributes

You can edit each component inside your workflow. For example, when I click to the email > it shows the right column to edit email

Step 3: Complete the workflow

- Click Next > Complete the information > Click Launch

- Click Go live now to activate the workflow

4. How the Ryviu automation workflow work?

How workflow run?

- Let take an example, with the workflow set up as below:

-> Automation will trigger and automatically send an email when a customer submits a review that meets both the rating conditions of 5 and the review has a photo attached.

Go to the Automation's Activities tab to view the log

How the Review Blocks work?


Go to email editor page > Search for DYNAMIC > Drag and drop PRODUCT REVIEWS block to email

- Edit block in Content and Style tab

+ The photo in the block will default to get the image from the customer's reviews, if the review does not have an image, it will take the picture of the product as default
+ Check Hide review image to hide the image in the block

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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