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How to integrate with AVADA PDF Invoice

AVADA Email Marketing allows you to send order confirmation emails with PDF Invoice link attached on email so that customers can easily download/print it.

In order to have that email type, you need to:
Integrate AVADA Email Marketing with PDF Invoice app.
Set up PDF Invoice app
Create PDF Invoice email on AVADA Email Marketing

1. Integrate AVADA Email Marketing with PDF Invoice

You need to install both AVADA Email Marketing and PDF Invoice so that you can send emails attached PDF Invoice to your customers by AEM.

- Install AVADA Email Marketing app here.
- Install the PDF Invoice app here

After installing both apps, please do as follow:

Step 1: Get Credentials to connect two apps from AVADA  Email Marketing:
Form AVADA Email Marketing dashboard > click Manage keys (at the top right corner)

Copy App ID and Secret Key:

If there is no Secret Key, press Generate Key, then copy the key

Step 2: Enter the keys to PDF Invoice App
From App PDF Invoice Dashboard > Integration

Enter the Key you have just copied from AVADA  Email Marketing to the corresponding fields.
After entering the keys, click Connect

2. Set up the PDF Invoice app

Step 1: Set up PDF Invoice app here

- How to configure store information in PDF Invoice?

- How to create new templates in PDF Invoice App?

- Full guide

Step 2: Setting Automation Email on PDF Invoice app

From app dashboard of PDF Invoice > Automation Email

- Custom PDF File Name: Enter a name for the PDF file, note to the correct format .pdf

- PDF Attached Template: Select the Template you want to display in the PDF file

- Send Automation Email: Enable to send mail Automation inside PDF Invoice app

- Send Email by AVADA Email Marketing: Enable to send mail from AVADA Email Marketing

Note you can only choose to send PDF Invoice email via PDF Invoice or AVADA Email Marketing

3. Create PDF Invoice Email in AVADA Marketing Automation

From AVADA Email Marketing app:
- Step 1: Go to Messages > Automation> New Workflow

- Step 2: Select Integration > AVADA PDF Invoice

- Step 3: Choose workflow preset PDF Invoice Email and Next

- Step 4: Edit workflow

You can edit the pre-made email here. Or add more items into your workflow (see left menu)

See more guides:

- Add a new email/sms to the workflow

- Add wait time/certain time to send email

Add Yes/No Split to the workflow

- Add Multiple Split to the workflow

- Add A/B testing 

- Add Exit workflow

Updated on: 19/04/2022

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