AVADA Marketing Automation now is integrated with Judge.me, which allow you to insert reviews automatically in your marketing emails.

Let's see what you need to do to connect two apps and start using the integration.

1. Connect to Judge.me Product Reviews

Step 1: Open integration page in AVADA

From AVADA App Dashboard > Click to your account > Select "Integration"

Step 2: Select "Judge.me" integration

Step 3: Open the Tokens in Judge.me

Open Judge.me app > Settings > Integrations > Developers

Step 4: Copy Token keys

Click "Show" under 2 tokens to get the codes and paste to AVADA accordingly.

Step 5: Complete the integration

Click "Save" to complete the connection

2. Edit Email with Testimonial Blocks

Now you can show reviews get from Judge.me in your email in AVADA

Step 1: Create automation emails or newsletter campaigns

- To create Automation: App Dashboard > Automation > New workflow . See more guides here.

- To create Newsletter Campaign: App Dashboard > Campaigns > New campaign . See more guides here.

If you want to edit the existing automation or campaign, just open the email editor.

Step 2: Drop the Testimonial Block to your email

Click "CONTENT" section on the right menu tab > You can Drag and drop either TESTIMONIAL 1, TESTIMONIAL 2 into the email

Step 3: Edit the content of 2 blocks


- Click this icon to select and import the review into the block. Please note that we will only get the 5-star reviews of Judge.me Product Reviews

- Select the review to show in your email

- Click the edit icon to edit the review content


- Click Load from Judge.me to load the reviews
- Click this icon and select review to add a review to the block

- Click the edit icon to edit the review's information

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