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Types of Sign-up Forms


Sign-up forms are a simple but powerful way to extend the reach of your campaigns and enhance your long-term audience growth. AVADA offers a number of options to attract subscribers on your website.

In this guide, you will learn about AVADA's sign-up form options, so you can choose which type of form is best for you.

About the signup process

AVADA audiences are single opt-in by default. That means, each time someone fills out and submits your sign-up form, we will immediately add them to your AVADA audience as a subscribed contact. This makes it easier for people to join your list, which can be helpful if you are selling a product or capturing customers on the go.

We also offer the double opt-in sign-up method, which requires email verification. If you have received a high volume of bounces, unsubscribes, or complaints, double opt-in is recommended.

What can you do with AVADA sign-up forms?

With AVADA sign-up forms, you can:

- Collect information of your visitors/ customers, such as name, email, phone number

- Deliver coupon/ discount on the Thank You page after they leave emails

- Auto apply coupon at the checkout page

- Validate emails

- Apply double opt-in

- Show sign-up form at specific or all pages

- Show sign-up form at specific trigger: on exit intent, right after the page loaded, after X seconds, after scrolling X percent of page, etc.

Types of sign-ups forms in AVADA

As you can see above, AVADA supports 4 types of sign-up forms, including:

1. Newsletter Popup

This is the most common type of sign-up form. It enables you to collect customer information by showing a popup on the visit site. Newsletter popup supports many time triggers to show it, such as: on exit intent, after the page loaded, after X seconds, after visitors scroll X percent of your page, etc.

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2. Spin to Win (Wheel of Fortune)

In order to bring a more exciting experience to your customers, adding a Spin to Win sign-up form is highly recommended. It will give your visitors a chance to subscribe to your list in a fun way.

Similar to Newsletter Popup, this Spin to Win is used to collect information as well as deliver promotions to encourage purchases. Amazingly, AVADA supports many beautiful seasonal themes for this popup.

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3. Add-to-cart Popup

Add-to-cart Popup allows for collecting emails before visitors abandon their carts. Then, you can easily follow up with them even if they do not leave an email on the checkout page. As the Add-to-cart Popup is designed to show at a very natural time of customer shopping journey, the conversion rate of this form is pretty high.

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4. Inline Form

As a safe and least annoying choice to show sign-up form the Inline Form is directly added to your page. If a visitor wants to receive your newsletter email, they will actively register to your Inline Form. And for sure, these subscribers are quality leads for your campaigns.

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Updated on: 25/08/2021

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