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Understand Triggers to show Sign up Form

The ability to control when a pop-up form appears on your website is one of its advantages. Experiment with various triggers on your site to see which ones help you earn the most conversions. In this guide, let's learn about sign up form's triggers in AVADA and what you can do with them.

Where to find triggers for sign up form

To find triggers and edit them, go to the Trigger step of any form, you will see that you can control 3 things:

When to display the popup: Select the event to trigger the form
Where to show the popup: Select the location to display the form
Country restriction: Select which countries to show the form

Select when to display the form

This is where you select a trigger for your form. By default, the sign up form can be triggered when a visitor clicks on the teaser at a corner of your website. Under the When to display the popup, click on the button to select a trigger for your form.

There are 6 triggers to choose from, which are:
On exit intent: When a visitor is about to leave your site
After the page loaded: As soon as the page is loaded
After X seconds: After visitors stay X seconds on your site, you can scroll to choose your number of seconds.
After scrolled X percent: After visitors scroll down X percent of your page, you can scroll to choose your number of percentage.
Custom click trigger: Choose a click of element on your site as the trigger for the form, so when your visitor click on the element, the form will appear.
Add to cart trigger: Show the form when guest customer adds item to their cart

Choose a trigger and click on the Add button to add. This will be the result when you successfully choose your trigger.

Below, you can edit the time to show the form again after the visitor clicks on the close button.

Select where to show the form

You can display your sign up form on all pages or certain page through this. With the Pages to show field, you can choose Specific pages and add the URL of the pages you want to show your form.

You can also edit the pages not to show your form in the same method by adding the page's URL.

Also, you can choose to show your sign up form on mobile or desktop or both.

Select which countries to show the form in

Which countries to show your form is how you customize the sign up offer for different visitors based on their locations. By default, AVADA lets your form display to all countries. But if you deselect the Display for all countries checkbox, you can select specific countries to show your sign up form.

Your online store should be able to detect the visitor's country through IP, so make sure to add this function into your website.

With these three edits for triggers, you can control where, when, and how to display your sign up form to maximize the conversion. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact our Support Team.

Updated on: 30/08/2021

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