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Understand Types of WhatsApp Messages in AVADA

AVADA allows you to connect your customers via WhatsApp channel (beside emails, sms, web push).
There are several WhatsApp message types that you need to distinguish to use them correctly in AVADA.

Before you start

To simply understand, AVADA support sending:

- Automation WhatsApp messages: Before sending automation WhatsApp, you need to have WhatsApp API Access. And we are integrate with Twilio to help you connect with WhatsApp API. You will need to do some registration steps to have API access.

- Manual WhatsApp messages: Used to send direct messages to your customers via WhatsApp Website or App. Not require any settings except you can create templates for manual messages to save time when contact your customers.

1. Automation Message Templates

These templates are AVADA pre-built messages. You cannot edit it here because to use those templates, you need to submit to WhatsApp and wait for their approval.

If you want to create your own automation templates, you can find it here.

Learn how to request API access
Learn how to send WhatsApp Automation

2. Manual WhatsApp messages

You can create your own templates and send from different list: Abandoned Cart list, Live cart list and from Total Contact list.

Guide to create manual WhatsApp message
Guide to send manual WhatsApp messages.

Updated on: 22/09/2021

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