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Why Your Email Campaign Didn't Send to a Full List

When you look at the analytics for a campaign, you can notice that it didn't send to your entire list or segment. There are numerous causes for this behavior, depending on whether your campaign was delivered to a list or a segment.

Let's see those reasons for AVADA in this guide.

1. Your list or segment has suppressed contacts

If you have some contacts becomes suppressed, these people will automatically be removed from all the lists that they have subscribed to. For them to be suppressed, they must have unsubscribed from an email campaign or a workflow sent to a segment. Or perhaps you have invalid email accounts in your list.

These suppressed people's subscriptions will remain existing, but the suppressed list will ensure that they don't receive any email campaigns from your address any more. If they reach out to opt in again through a form, they will be removed from the suppression list and they can start receiving your emails the same as before.

For example, your newsletter list has 1,000 contacts on it, but it's possible that you have 5% them actually suppressed. If you send a new campaign to this list, AVADA will automatically skip the suppressed users and you'll see that only 950 emails were sent successfully.

Here are the main reasons why your contacts may end up on the suppression list:

Unsubscribe: When someone unsubscribe, they will stop receiving messages from you.

Marked as spam: If someone marked your email as spam on their email service provider, they won't receive any more message from you. This also helps keep your email deliverability strong.

Bounce: If you email someone and there is a bounce rate (which often happens when their email addresses are invalid), they will stop receiving emails from you.

Invalid Email: If someone is on your send list, but his or her email address is invalid, your message will not be delivered.

Manually unsubscribe: If you manually unsubscribe certain people from receiving your emails or SMSs, AVADA won't send them.

--> Find your Suppression list in AVADA.

Another reason that is not related to suppression but worth mentioning is:

Lack of credits: for SMS, if your credits run out before your campaign finishes sending, any recipients that haven't received your campaign will be skipped.

2. Your campaign is sent based on Customers' timezones

When you schedule a campaign to send at a future timing, you may notice an option to determine recipients based on a specific time zone of your list's members instead of sending right away.

When you do this, AVADA put your selected list or segment on a waiting list until the sending time arrives. When the scheduled campaign doesn't get sent for several days or even weeks, there is a high chance that your target list may shrink or grow during the waiting time. This may lead to you seeing less successfully sent emails than previously anticipated.

If you choose the option Customer's time zone, AVADA will automatically base each message on the recipient's time zone (their city and country locations). If AVADA can't identify that information, we will use your store's time zone.

NOTICE: If you don't find out any reasons as listed above, contact us immediately via Livechat or

Updated on: 16/08/2021

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