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Add Columns to an Email

You may wish to add columns to your emails as you build out your layouts to make them more aesthetically beautiful. A way to do that is by adding columns to your templates. In AVADA, you can do that in a few different styles of column. This post will walk you through how to add columns to your email and how to adjust your column design.

Add columns to an email using the Row block

The Row block is the easiest way with most customization power to add columns to your email template.

To access it, first, you need to be inside an email editor, campaign or automation workflow. Then, follow these steps.

Step 1. Use the Row block

Click on the Basic section on the left hand side menu. Here, choose Row and drag it into your email template.

Step 2. Choose the column layout

Once dropped the Row block into the email, you can see in the right hand side menu of the Content tab, there are 5 options of column layouts for you to choose.

Step 3. Edit content inside the columns

Choose the layout you like, and you will see that now you can edit the column in the email.

You can add any content you want into these columns, such as text or image. Go back to the Basic section and choose text or image to drag into the columns with the text Drop your Item here... You can have multiple blocks in a column, so the possibility is endless here.

For example, here is what I was able to create with a two column row.

Use existing blocks with multiple columns

There are many premade blocks in AVADA that can give your email multiple columns. The difference is that you can only edit these blocks to an extent, not as freely as the Row block.

But the advantage of these blocks is that they are made by professionals in our team, ensuring a fantastic look for your email. For example, check out this content block with two columns and a playful layout on images and texts.

To optimize your email's columns, make sure to view the email both in desktop and mobile to ensure a good reading experience.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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