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How to Add Custom Fonts in Email Templates


Adding a custom font in an email template allows you to use your brand's fonts in email messaging. However, keep in mind that only certain email clients support custom fonts, and many popular clients (such as Gmail and Yahoo) do not. In this guide, you will learn how to add custom fonts in your email templates in AVADA.

Add Custom fonts in AVADA email templates

Using email safe fonts isn't always enough. Many users prefer custom fonts, because they can help keep your marketing cohesive, aligning your email content with your E-commerce site. However, custom fonts may not render as expected on all email clients or devices. Custom fonts are currently supported by the following email clients:

- Apple Mail

- iOS Mail (the default email browser on iOS)

- Samsung Mail (Android 8.0)

- Google Android (except Android 2.3, which doesn't support the @import method used by Google and Adobe fonts)

- Outlook for Mac

- Outlook App

Step 1: Choose the text you want to adjust the font

Click the text you want to adjust its font. For example, if we want to adjust the body text in our email, we simple click there and the right panel will show up.

Step 2. Click the Plus button in the Style tab

To use custom fonts in AVADA, you just head to the Style tab to click the small plus button, which is next to the Font family field.

Step 3. Choose your custom font

This will open a box like the image below. 

There are several options for you to add custom fonts, including:

- Google fonts. You can select web fonts provided by Google. These often display correctly on all browsers, especially when users decide to view your emails in a web page.

- Create custom fonts. Insert your custom font name, font value (font styling), as well as font URL to load the typeface into AVADA.

- Custom fonts. Choose fonts from your font library.

So, when you use AVADA, you can be sure that if your preferred font is not available, we will utilize the best option that looks as close to the original as possible. Nice typeface choices will make your emails unexpectedly way more beautiful.

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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