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How to generate and import coupon codes into AVADA?

AVADA Email Marketing allows you to insert static coupons or random (dynamic/unique) coupons into your emails, newsletter popup, or spin to win wheel.

- To use static coupons, you can insert them directly in the email content or coupon block. See guide here
- To use dynamic coupons, you need to have a code group imported/created in AVADA.

And this article will guide you on how to generate/import dynamic codes to AVADA.

Generate Shopify coupon codes in AVADA

Currently the app supports creating 3 types of coupons: Shopify coupon, Auto expired Shopify coupon and Manual import coupon

Shopify coupon: Coupon will be automatically generated in AVADA and applied at Shopify store. This type of coupon can only be created when your store is on Shopify platform.

Manual import coupon: Coupon code is imported via CSV file or copied and pasted directly. For non-Shopify platforms can use this type of coupon.

Create Shopify coupons (For Shopify stores)

Step 1: At the app select Settings > Coupon > click Create button

Step 2: General Information

- Enter a name for the coupon group at Name
- Choose Source as Shopify coupon

Step 3: Choose the type of discount
You need to choose 1 of 3 types of discount Percentage, Fix Amount, Free Shipping and enter the discount value you want

Step 4: At Applies to select a condition to apply the coupon

- All products: apply coupon code to all products
- Selected collection: apply coupon code only to selected collections
- Selected products: apply coupon code only to selected products

Step 5: Set start date and end date for coupon

Step 6: Set the minimum purchase amount to apply the coupon code (Optional)

Check the Has minimum purchase amount check box and enter the purchase amount you want. Then, in order to apply this coupon, the customer must reach the minimum amount at checkout

Step 7: Optional

- Limit number of time each code can be used in total: allow you to set a total number of times a discount can be used. For example, setting a limit of 200 allows the discount code to be used 200 times across your customer base. If you choose this setting, then customers can use the discount multiple times. shopify's guide

- Limit to one use per customer: Limit to one per customer tracks a customer's email address to limit discount to one use per customer. This only applies to fixed value discounts. shopify's guide

Step 8: Add codes to group

There are 2 methods to add code

Method 1: Automatically generate codes by clicking Auto generated unique coupons

- Allow automatically randomly generate coupons according to the amount you want
- Enter the amount of code you want to create at Qty field
- Enter the format of the dynamic coupon code in the Pattern field.

You can choose to create coupon pattern with number, alpha (letter), or both.
Example Pattern formula:
- [4A] means 4 alpha characters. eg: FKDC, KLJA, YQWS, etc.
- [5N] means 5 numeric characters. eg: 82034, 91724, 01172, etc.
- [12AN] means 12 alpha numeric characters. eg: KJHSLW834723, ALDHG1287392, etc.

Auto re-generate coupons: Allows to automatically generate more coupon codes when the number of codes reaches the limit

Method 2: Import from file

If you don't want to automatically generate the code but already have coupon codes, you can choose Import from file and enter the code directly into the textbox or upload a CSV file with the coupon code available.

Step 9: Review the installed fields once and then click Create button to complete

Manual import coupon

For platforms other than Shopify, you can choose Manual import coupon to import coupon codes and use in AVADA

Step 1: At the app select Settings > Coupon > click Create button

Step 2: General Information

Enter a name for the coupon group at Name
Select Source as Manual coupon group

Step 3: Import the code by CSV file or directly import the code you want to create into the textbox

Step 4: Click Create button to finish

View/Edit Coupon

To edit a coupon you need to go to Coupons page and click on the coupon and you want to edit.


Here will display the basic information of the coupon

Adjust the Enable/Disable status of the coupon here

Click View all codes in the respective fields to see the list of generated codes

Clicking See coupon usage history will take you to the Coupon Usage page. Here you can track which coupon codes were used, where and when they were used:

Generate New Codes

For coupons that generate codes with Auto Generated Unique coupons, you can generate additional codes when editing coupons by clicking Generate New Codes in the Auto-Generating Settings field

After clicking, the Generate more codes popup will appear, you need to enter the number of codes you want to generate and click Generate button to complete.

Updated on: 18/02/2022

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