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How to Create, Edit, Delete, and Manage Templates

Email templates are the pre-made templates that you can use for your campaign or workflow elements. In AVADA, we divide these types of templates because they can serve different purposes. In this guide, let's learn how to create, edit, delete, and manage templates.

With an Email Campaign Template

How to create an Email Campaign Template

Step 1. Create a new campaign

For a Campaign template, go to Campaigns and click on New campaign.

Select Email Campaign and click on the Next button.

Step 2. Select a template

At the Template step, you can choose one of our many templates to edit, or scroll down and choose a Blank template. Click on Next.

Selecting an existing template to edit will follow the same steps. This can save you more time since you base your new template on existing designs.

Step 3. Edit the template then save

Edit the email to create a template that you prefer. Then, click on the three dot button at the top right of the screen and select Save as template.

Step 4. Give a name to your template

Give your new template a name, then click on Save.

And you have create a new email template for your campaign. Any time you want to access it, you just need to click on Saved templates at the Template step of creating a new campaign.

How to edit an Email Campaign Template

To edit an email campaign template, you just need to find it in the Saved templates tab at the Template step of creating a new campaign. Then click Next to load the template and this takes you to the template editor where you can edit your content and save your campaign template.

How to delete an Email Campaign template

With an email campaign template, you need to find your template in the Saved templates tab and click on the red button as in the image below to delete.

The app will ask if you are sure with your decision, choose Confirm to continue the deleting process. Please note that this process is not reversible, which means you won't find your deleted template anywhere else in the app.

With an Automation Workflow Template

How to create an Automation Workflow Template

To create a new email template for automation workflows, you need to start inside a workflow.

Step 1. Edit an email element inside a workflow

Drag an email into the workflow, or select an existing one, and click on Edit at the right side board.

Step 2. Edit the template then save

Here, you can edit your email template to your likings by dragging elements into the email. Then, click the Save button when you are done customizing it. Or you can click on Save and Exit, it will work the same.

Then, you will find your email template in Your emails section whenever you want to select a template for an email inside a workflow.

Note: All created emails inside automation workflows are saved by default as template when you edit them. When you create a new email with automation, you are basically creating a new template that you can easily come back to edit or delete inside the workflow.

How to edit an Automation Workflow Template

To edit a workflow template, you need to click on the email inside a workflow, then select Edit to open the email editor to edit content.

This will only update templates that are currently used in the workflow you selected, it won't affect other unsent workflows.

How to delete an Automation Workflow Template

With a workflow email template, you need to select your template and go to the editor first. Then, simply click on the three dot button at the top right of the page then select Delete.

The app will also ask you to confirm your decision, choose Sure, remove it to continue the process.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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