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Add your own domain & Verify domain

AVADA supports 3 ways to add a verified sender:

Add your custom sender
Verify your business domain and use a sender with it
Set up custom SMTP to send email via your SMTP service

In this article, you will learn about method number 2: Verify your business domain and use a sender with it
This is the most recommended way to completely white-label your emails with your own domain and improves your delivery.

You can watch the video guide below and also see our text guide underneath.

Step 1: Add a new domain

From AVADA Dashboard, go to Settings > Emails

- Click Add domain at Step 2 Verify domains

Then enter your business domain. Notice: Not include http/www (or https)
Click Add to add that domain.

Step 2: Verify domain

After you add the domain successfully, there is a popup to guide you on verifying it in your domain provider.

Step 2.1: Click Verify

This DNS record will show like this screenshot. You need to copy the information into your domain provider's dashboard.

You can click to icon
to see more guide on how to copy and paste those records on your DNS settings.

In this tutorial, I guide how to verify Cloudflare; it is similar to other DNS management.

Step 2.2: Copy the DNS records to Cloudflare

Related Domain name providers:

- Add & verify GoDaddy domain
- Add & verify 1&1 domain
- Add & verify Namecheap domain

Step 2.3 Click verify

Then you got the result like this.

Congrats! Your domain has been verified. Now you can send from your own domain.

If you got this message: "Your domain cannot be verified."

There are a few possible causes:

- Need more time for your domain provider to update DNS record (sometimes it takes up to 24 hours, sometimes a few minutes)

- You set up incorrectly from step 2.2. Please re-fill them again. Remember to remove "...." sign from your pasted record.

Step 3: Add new senders

When the domain verification step has been completed, now you can Add a sender with your domain.

Please click "Add sender" button:

Then enter email address and Email name (required) > Click "Add" to save this email as your sender

Add successfully you will see it on the list at step 1

Do not successfully verifying your domain > contact us at Live chat in-app
or simply you can verify your email at Step 1 - and send email under AVADA shared domain. See the detailed guide to add your custom sender email here

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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