There are two types of emails that you usually send to customers: Transactional Emails and Marketing Emails (or Promotional Emails). Each type of email has different contents, purposes and number of email sends in a certain period of time. So in this article we will learn about these two types of email, why we need a separate sender for each type of email and how to set up those senders in AVADA.

Distinguish 2 types of emails

Transactional Emails

These are emails with personalized content for each recipient.
Usually sent after a customer has taken a specific action on the store such as sign up, view products, purchase...
The main purpose is to maintain the existing relationship between the customer and the store.
Transactional emails often have the highest send-to-inbox chances and should be delivered to the customer as soon as possible because they often contain content related to the customer's store activity.
The number of transactional emails sent out at once will usually be lower than Marketing Email
Example: Order, Receipt or Shipment Confirmation; Welcome emails, Social Channel Invitations, Store Updates, etc.

Marketing Emails

These are emails containing marketing and promotional content.
Usually sent in bulk to a certain customer segment.
The main purpose is to encourage customers to take actions such as view new product, purchase, download information, etc.
Example: Promotional or Sale Email, Newsletter, Email Digest

Why should we use separate senders for each email type?

What if you use the same sender for both Transactional and Marketing emails?

Marketing Emails will often be sent in bulk to store's subscribers. Then the email server will need a certain amount of time to process and send to all recipients. If using same sender, Transactional emails can get stuck after a large amount of marketing email is about to be sent and not delivered on time.

Marketing Emails are more likely to get into the Promotion boxes or even get into spam box, and being unsubscribed, complained. At that time, your transactional email may also be marked as spam and cannot be sent to the inbox anymore because email marketing has been complained by many people before.

Email lists for email marketing can include individuals who have never purchased from the store. But these emails can be invalid emails, bad reputation emails or un-engaged subscribers. If you use the same sender to send email transactions to send marketing emails to this invalid contacts, your sender may get a complaint, your reputation will decrease and your ability to send emails to your inbox will decrease. If reputation is low, your email will be affected. They will go straight into the spam box of the customer.

How to set up separate senders for Transactional & Marketing Email

Add new Email sender for Transactional Email or Marketing Email

Step 1: Go to AVADA Email Settings

Go to the app > Select Settings > Email

Email Settings

Step 2: Add new email senders

At the Step 1: Add Sender > Select Add sender button
Enter Email, Name for new sender
At Sender Type, select Transactional or Marketing
Click Verify icon

Add new sender

Step 3: Verify new email sender

Access your email account you added in Step 2
Open the verification email AVADA sent you, click Verify Your Email

Verify email

Step 4: Check the new settings again

You can click Back to settings at the confirm verify sender page or visit the Setting Email Sender page like in Step 1.

Back to Email setting

Check the new email Status added in Step 2, if it is Verify, the email has been verified successfully.

Check new sender status

You can use this sender to send Transactional or Marketing emails respectively.

Change current senders into Transactional or Marketing Sender

Step 1: Go to AVADA Email Settings

Go to the app > Select Settings > Email

Email Settings

Step 2: Change current senders into Transactional or Marketing Sender

At the Step 1: Add Sender > Select the email sender you want to change
At Sender Type, click Transactional or Marketing
Click Save

Change email sender type

Now, you can use each sender to send Transactional or Marketing emails respectively.

Use separate senders
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