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How to configure your Gmail SMTP?

To get SMTP credentials on Gmail, please following the guide below:

Step 1: Turn on Access to less secure app

Go to your Google Account > Security > Less secure app access > Turn it on

(Notice: Access to less secure apps means that Google recommends using OAuthen v2)

But it is still secure because it is using SSL & TLS encryption with 2048-bit.

You can change the app password any time in Google Security Dashboard. So don't worry about it

Notice: If you cannot find the option "Less secure app access", please turn off 2-step verification first (if you are enabling it), then reload your Google Account page, you will see the option "Less secure app access" then.

Step 2: Turn on 2-step verification here

Step 3: Click App passwords

Step 4:

- Choose "Select app" = "Mail"
- "Select device" = "Window Computer"

Step 5: Copy password

Step 6: Go to App > Settings > SMTP Settings > Click Load settings

Step 7: Select SMTP Provider is Gmail and click Load Settings

Step 8: Enter user name (your Gmail/Gsuite account) and password get from Gmail App pass.

Step 9: Click Verify config button, then enter sender and recipient address and click Verify now

If you enter the right information, a success message will be shown like this:

Congrats! Now you can create your campaigns and start sending emails!

Important notes:

- Only use verified senders from SMTP server to send emails, otherwise, your email will go to spam box.
- Using SMTP will not count statistic such as Open, Bounces or Spam report.

Updated on: 20/08/2021

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