In this article, you will be guided on how to configure Elastic Email SMTP to send email from our app through Elastic Email service.

Step 1: Register Elastic Email account/Login to your current account

Firstly, if you do not have an Elastic Email API account, please register an account on this page.

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It is very fast to register an Elastic Email account, after signing up, you will see your dashboard like this:

Step 2: Add & Verify a domain

Step 3: Create SMTP Credentials

- Then, click to your account name at the top right, choose "My Account"

- Choose "Settings > SMTP > Consent"

After consent with the term and conditions, you will see this screen. Click "Create SMTP Credential"

Or click Add additional Credential if you have created credential before:

- Then click "Create", you will have Credentials information like below:

Step 4: Complete SMTP information into app configurations

- Now, come back to AVADA Email Marketing and paste the information into SMTP Settings:\
- Choose "Load settings" to select Elastic Email provider.

- Enter information you get from Elastic Email then click Verify Config

Enter sender and recipient address and click Verify now

If you enter the right information, a success message will be shown like this:

Great! Now you can create your campaigns and start sending emails!

Important notes:

- Only use verified senders from SMTP server to send emails, otherwise, your email will go to spam box.
- Using SMTP will not count statistic such as Open, Bounces or Spam report.
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