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How to configure Elastic Email SMTP?

In this article, you will be guided on how to configure Elastic Email SMTP to send email from our app through Elastic Email service.

Step 1: Register Elastic Email account/Login to your current account

Firstly, if you do not have an Elastic Email API account, please register an account on this page.

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It is very fast to register an Elastic Email account, after signing up, you will see your dashboard like this:

Step 2: Add & Verify a domain

Step 3: Create SMTP Credentials

- Then, click to your account name at the top right, choose "My Account"

- Choose "Settings > SMTP > Consent"

After consent with the term and conditions, you will see this screen. Click "Create SMTP Credential"

Or click Add additional Credential if you have created credential before:

- Then click "Create", you will have Credentials information like below:

Step 4: Complete SMTP information into app configurations

- Now, come back to AVADA Email Marketing and paste the information into SMTP Settings:\
- Choose "Load settings" to select Elastic Email provider.

- Enter information you get from Elastic Email then click Verify Config

Enter sender and recipient address and click Verify now

If you enter the right information, a success message will be shown like this:

Great! Now you can create your campaigns and start sending emails!

Important notes:

- Only use verified senders from SMTP server to send emails, otherwise, your email will go to spam box.
- Using SMTP will not count statistic such as Open, Bounces or Spam report.

Updated on: 19/08/2021

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