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Create and Manage Saved Blocks


Saved blocks allow you to save a certain block within a template for reuse. For instance, if you have a header or footer block that you use in all your email templates, you can save a block to avoid recreating it from scratch in every new email.

This guide will show you how to create and manage saved blocks in AVADA.

Save a block for reuse

When you click a block within an email template, you will see a Save icon. Once you have a block formatted the way you would like it, you can save it by clicking the Save icon.

Name a saved block

When you click this icon, you will be prompted to name your save block. Name it something that will enable you to find it easily, such as "Saved Header" or "Saved Footer."

Access & manage saved blocks

To access a save block, you can choose the Save Blocks section right in the left panel when you create/edit any template. Drag and drop it to the position that you want to insert in your email.

In the Saved Blocks section, you can view an inventory of all your saved blocks, as well as delete them. Saved blocks are not linked to templates, so if you delete one, it will not impact any of the templates you have previously used it in.

Updated on: 06/09/2021

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