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Create tags for certain contacts

Step 1: Open the contact you want to tag

- To tag certain contacts, please go to "Audiences" page.

- Search contact by full email or by name > Click to that contact

Step 2: Add tag for your contact

Scroll down and find the section Add these tags to contacts. There are 2 ways to add tags as follows:

Method 1: Click to the plus icon

Enter the tag name in the search box. if the tag name is not there, the app will suggest to create a tag > Click Create to create a tag

The tag after creation will be automatically attached to the contact profile and added to the list of manage tags

Method 2: Select Manage Tags

Click Create tag button

Enter Tags Name > Click Confirm to complete creating tags

After creating successfully, the tag is automatically updated to the tag list

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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