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How to add Multiple Splits to AVADA Automation workflow?

Add multiple Splits to your automation workflow

Step 1: Go to App > Automation > New workflow > Select the preset > Click Next

Step 2: Drag and drop multiple split into the workflow

Step 3: Edit Multiple split

Multiple Name: Enter a name for multiple split
Add Path: Click Add Path button to add paths for multiple split
Delete Path: Click the delete icon to the right of the path to delete the path from split
Delete split: Click Delete button > Select path to delete > Execute delete action

+ Delete specific paths and keep the remaining

+ Keep specific paths and delete all others

+ Delete all paths

Step 4: Edit condition of each split path

Click on the path you want to edit condition

- Name: Enter the name of the text for the path
WHEN TO SEND: Click Add condition button and add conditions > Click Save

SEGMENT FILTERS (OPTIONAL): Click Add segment button and select the segments you want to filter > Click Save

Step 5: After completing edit multiple splits and workflow items, click Next to go to the next step and complete the campaign

How does Multiple splits work?

Take an example of Abandoned Cart workflow setup is as follows:

Path 1: When a customer abandon cart and he hasn't placed any order (Order count = 0), it will trigger and send Remind Email 1 after 1 hour and Remind Email 2 after 3 hours from abandonment time.

Path 2: When a customer abandon cart and cart item title is Blue Silk Tuxedo product, it will trigger and send Remind Email 1 email after 1 hour and Discount offer after 1 day 1 hour from abandonment time.

Path 3: When a customer abandon cart but he does not meet the conditions of both Path 1 and Path 2, it will trigger and send Remind Email 1 after 1 hour and Remind Email 3 after 1 hour + 25 minutes from abandonment time.

Updated on: 26/10/2022

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