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How to send SMS Automation in AVADA

SMS in AVADA includes two types:

- SMS Automation: allow you to send SMS for triggered campaigns like Abandoned Cart, Welcome New subscribers, Order Follow Up, Cross-sell and Up-sell, Win-back...
- SMS Newsletter: allow you to send mass SMS for your seasonal sales, updates, new collections, and any types of newsletter campaigns.

Notice: You need to buy SMS credit before you can send SMS. See guide here

In this article, let get started with SMS Automation.

Step 1: Create a new automation workflow

- Create new SMS workflow: Go to App dashboard > Automation > New workflow > Select your event/event type and preset > Next to  workflow

- Add SMS to the old workflow:  Go to App dashboard > Automation > Select workflow you want to edit > Workflow tab

Step 2: Drag the SMS item into the workflow

Drag and drop SMS items and workflow

Step 3: Edit SMS

Click on the SMS items in the workflow

- SMS Name: Enter Name for SMS

- Enable Smart Sending: When you enable this function, message will not be sent to subscribers who received another message in the last 16 hours, except transactional message such as Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, Refund Confirmation and Abandoned Cart message without coupon

- Internal Note: Enter the content you want to note for SMS

- SMS Text:
+ Click Preview to see the SMS content

+ Click Edit to edit the SMS content

After that, you will come to the SMS editor page, let's see how you can set up your SMS content!

+ Sender Name: Enter Sender Name to replace your phone number when sending SMS.
Note the Sender Name section is only supported in certain countries, see here. After entering, the content will be displayed in Preview section.

+ SMS Text:

- Select sender: Select a sender for your SMS

- Brand Prefix: Enable Brand Prefix allows you to enter your brand name here. 

- SMS Text: Enter the SMS content you want to send to the customer
You can insert various variables to increase your SMS personalization and information.
Click the button as shown below:

- Select the variables you want to add

+ Preview:

- Select Non-US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview for countries other than the US and CA
- Select US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview of US and CA countries: When choosing US/CA Recipients, you can add photos (MMS - multiple media) when sending SMS.

+ Unsubscribe Option: When you enable it, your contacts who receive SMS can opt-out (unsubscribe) your SMS by replying to your message.
Note that currently the app only supports one-way SMS sending (means that customer cannot reply to your shop, except reply for unsubscribing)

+ Auto Shorten Links: Enable if you want to replace the default link with a shortened link to limit the character when sending SMS and this link allows you to track SMS report statistics.

+ Auto Brand Cart Contact Card: Enable if you want to add Brand Cart Contact to SMS message. This helps customers save your contact quickly

- Discount Coupon: Enable Toggle button to use discount coupon

+ AVADA supports you to use Static or Dynamic coupon type in SMS

Static coupon: one coupon for all customers
For the static coupon, you can insert it directly into the email content.

Dynamic coupon: random coupon for each customers
For dynamic coupon, you can create mass in AVADA then it auto-sync to your Shopify.

+ If you want to have discount code applied automatically when customers purchase via {{ recover_cart_link }}, please mark checkbox "Apply discount code automatically"

Note that for now, you can only SMS one way conversation

- Ask for review link: This option is only available at Order Confirmation event

Enable Toggle button to add Ask review link to SMS
Select Integrated Review App: Select the app to pull the review link, currently supporting 2 apps, Proofo and h

Select Product to ask for review: Select the product in the order you want to add a review link. Note that each SMS only adds the review link of one product. We recommend not to send over 3 review requests for the same order

- Auto-add review link: Checking this option the review link will be automatically added at the end of the message content. If you do not select this option, you can manually insert the variable {{ review_link }} into the message content
- Auto shorten review link: When this option is checked, the review link will be sent as a shortened link

- Add product image to MMS: This option is only available in Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Checkout events

+ ABANDONED ITEM: Enable toggle button to insert product image into MMS
+ Select items to show: You can choose the photos you want to show such as 1st item, 2nd item, Item with most quantity or Randomly

- Working principle for MMS images:

+ Automatically filter and remove items that do not have an image or the item out of stock
+ If there is a setting for both images in MMS and the Abandoned item feature is turned on, we will give priority to sending item abandoned images first.

- Message Analysis: Shows analytics and direction to help you improve your SMS

Message Analysis

- Preview

+ Select Non-US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview of countries other than US and CA
+ Select US/CA Recipients to see SMS preview of US and CA countries: When you select US/CA Recipients, you can add photos when sending

Message Analysis

Note that currently AVADA only supports sending one-way SMS

Step 4: Continue to Save and complete the required information

Updated on: 25/01/2022

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