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How to create Abandoned Checkout Workflow

In this article, you will be guided on how to create an Abandoned Checkout Workflow in AVADA. Let's get start!

How does Abandoned Checkout workflow work?

When your visitors add items to cart and go to checkout page, the workflow will trigger them if:
They leave their information (email, shipping address) then drop the checkout there
They login to their account before checkout

- After 10 minutes that your customers abandoned checkout, then they will be recorded as Recoverable cart and enter the workflow.
- Only new customers will be triggered (Automation cannot trigger your past abandoned checkouts). But you can send emails to your past abandoned checkout customers manually in our app. (see guide here).

How to create the Abandoned Checkout workflow?

You can view our video guide below or follow the text guide under the video:

Step 1. Select workflow event and preset

Go to Automation > New workflow

It will open the section to select event and preset:

- Select event: Abandoned Checkout
- Select preset (prebuilt workflow), it will show preview of the select workflow

- Click Next to edit this workflow

Step 2. Edit workflow

For pre-built workflow, you can add items from the left side to the flow. For example, I add Wait time and Certain time

Please see detailed guide for the following components:

- Edit email
- Wait time/Certain Time
- Yes/No Split
- Multiple Splits
- A/B testing
- Exit
- Update contact atributes

You can edit each component inside your workflow. For example, when I click to the email > it shows the right column to edit email

Step 3. Ready

After building your workflow, click Next and enter the general information to go live the workflow

- Name: Enter the campaign name. Only after you enter the campaign name, the Finish button is clickable.
- Description: Enter the campaign description.
- Tag:

Click the icon and create tags for it to manage different campaigns easily.

Click to Manage tags to choose/add/delete a tag.

After filling in all information, click Finish and select campaign status: Keep draft or Go live.


Updated on: 09/11/2021

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