AVADA supports you to track customers/visitors activities on your site. Based on those tracked activities, you can send them a reminder emails for Abandoned Product View or Abandoned Page View.

There are two types of activities can be tracked:

- Active on store
- View a product

It is only trackable with identified customers (browsers) on your website.
So what is identified customers in AVADA? They must be recognized via one of the following actions:

1. Login to their account on your store
2. Subscribe via an AVADA form
3. Click to an email from AVADA

How to turn on Tracking store

To be able to use Product Abandoned and Page View automation workflow you first need to enable the Tracking Store feature for the app. This function help AVADA to track all activities of your identified visitors at product pages and also other identified contacts that
From Settings > Select Tracking store

Enable Store Tracking
You can check if the feature is working or not at the Test Tracking Tool by entering the product page URL and the store's password if has, then clicking the Test button.

Status when successful

How to see all tracked activities?

- From Reports > select Site Activities
- Here you can track customer actions on your website

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